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A Peek Into Klang’s Social Calendar!

August 31st, 2022

At Klang we value playtime (we are building a computer game after all) just as much as we value work time! We believe that a key part to being able to stay focused and dedicated to your work is letting loose and having fun, especially with those that you work with. It is because of this that we host so many fun events for our employees! From happy hours to game nights we make sure that Klangers have the time and space to unwind and connect with each other outside of work hours. Osh, our Office Manager explains how “by bringing in these events we’re not just making the workplace more fun, we’re also strengthening the community of people here”. Let’s take a deeper look at some of our rotating events:

Thursday Happy Hour

We know that a happy hour is not the most original idea, but ours come complete with delicious pizza (in many different flavors), beer, soft drinks, and more! Not to mention that it takes place on the bottom floor of our building (which we have coined Avesta), which used to be an Italian restaurant, and now serves as our space for parties and other events. Our happy hours are a great way for Klangers to relax from a long week with each other. There are usually a few furry friends roaming around the event as well! Plus, since we are located in the heart of Kreuzberg, there are lots of bars and restaurants for people to migrate to once the happy hour is over.

Board Games At Avesta

Like we said, at Klang we love games. You can probably tell this just by walking into Klang, as we have many toys and Legos decorating the various corners of the office. It is this love for games and play that fuels our work, so it makes sense that we celebrate this passion outside of work as well! Every other week Klangers can make the small migration downstairs at the end of the work day to battle it out and eat some pizza at the same time. Lately the game of choice has been Werewolf, and let us tell you things get heated. They say Werewolf has the potential to make and break relationships, but luckily we have only seen relationships being strengthened during board game night.

Remote Activities

Not everyone that works at Klang can come into the office, as we have a large number of employees that don’t actually live in Berlin. “We want our remote workers to feel included as well”, says Osh, and to make sure that this happens we are creating virtual events that everyone can take part in. These will include daily online quizzes (complete with a scoreboard and yearly prize), icebreaker events during calls, and other fun virtual activities. Osh puts it perfectly when he says “the biggest goal is making everyone feel included in everything that we do”.

At the end of the day, Klang’s events are there to help bring everyone together and continue to cultivate the welcoming, fun culture that we are proud of. “Week after week I see more people are coming in looking forward to these events, and I love that”, says Osh.

If you’re interested in working at a place like Klang, that values connection and fun, check out our many open positions here:

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