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Apple TV: a Game Changer?

September 11, 2015

I’m sure nearly all iOS game Devs are talking about this right now. And yeah, we’re one of those Devs. You can’t deny Apple’s strong grasp on the tech/art/design/nerd world; we’re all caught in its tractor beam whether we like it or not. But the announcement of Apple’s focus on gaming through the Apple TV does spark our interest.

Apple claims, “Bigger games on bigger screens. With incredible home theater sound. The App Store on the new Apple TV will redefine your living room.” I don’t see how that differs from other gaming consoles: sit on a couch, play games in front of a huge HD TV, etc. But the idea of playing iOS games on a larger screen is pretty intriguing.

We can see that controllers and possibly the remote will be integral to the gaming experience, although, how you’d actually get to play touch-and-gesture-based games on the Apple TV is still rather vague as of yet. So we’ll see how that plays out. Maybe Siri gestures will become essential to gameplay?

“Siri, JUMP..Siri, THROW BOMB!” That would be awesome.

Other questions on our minds are whether the mechanics of the App Store on the Apple TV differs from mobile devices, from ASO to Featured Apps. Do the specs change? Are the stakes higher? Only time will tell, though. 

Despite the thoughts on the Apple TV and whether it will have any longevity in the gaming industry or not, it sure would be fun to see ReRunners in every living room!


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