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Behind the Scenes at Klang’s Sound Studio! (and Media Room)

Wednesday, November 23rd

It might come as a surprise to some of you, but Klang has its own state of the art sound studio (and media room), right in our office! It’s located on what is sometimes affectionately referred to as floor 0.5 (for some unknown architectural quirky anomaly, it’s not quite on the same floor as the rest of the office).

The space that the studio occupies now has a history of its own. In fact, it used to be a law office, and for a short period of time our CEO, Mundi, had lofty plans to turn it into a gym! And, while being able to go straight from game development to lifting weights would have been nice, we are very happy with what it has become now.

It was David Magnusson, our Audio Director, who played a key role in the decision to turn the unused space into a sound studio and media room. At first he had no idea that the room even existed. “Out of the blue I’m told that we have this extra little space”, he says, describing how he then jumped on the opportunity. After treating the room with absorbers (big wool-filled boxes, which hang on the walls and absorb sound like reverb and echos) David finally had a sound-proof space for recording!

But the studio isn’t just used for sound production, it is also used for web streaming, recording interviews, producing The Life Cycle podcast and more! David always makes sure that everyone knows that “this is a shared space, everyone is welcome. It’s not just a sound studio, it’s also a media room”. In fact, Ragnar Hansson, our videographer, recently used the room for our latest playtest streaming, and you can often find him in the studio with his camera equipment.

One of the studio’s coolest features is the vocal booth, which is a little enclosed area that is perfect for recording voice overs. In the (hopefully not so distant) future, this booth will be used to record Seedling sounds! For now, one of its main uses is for recording the voice overs for The Life Cycle podcast, whose second season is going to be released this winter! The hosts, John and Eva, will be using this booth, as well as the sound studio as a whole, in order to record their newest episodes, and we can’t wait to hear what they come up with!

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