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Best Indie Games Announced at the 16th Indie Prize Awards During Casual Connect in Tel Aviv

November 04, 2016

The 16th Indie Prize Awards Ceremony took place at Casual Connect Tel Aviv 2016. Casual Connect is a place where developers can foster relationships with other developers, gain exposure for your professional development team and beautiful games, and learn how to succeed in the new games ecosystem. The Indie Prize Showcase was bustling with developers from around the world competing and showing off their games. Find out who won and more information about their development process.


Collectively, Klang Games wanted to create an MMO experience accessible anywhere, which is why they went with creating a game specifically for mobile devices. Klang Co-Founders Ívar and Oddur both worked on EVE Online, so they understand how rewarding MMOs can be, and, at the same time, how intense they can be. The main inspiration for ReRunners was to create an MMO that anyone can play. Individually, each team member brought their own inspirations, making the game very unique – from the art style to game mechanics. Mundi, fellow Co-Founder, is responsible for the game’s art direction; he wanted to create a game in pixel art, as it is recognisable and timeless. Early Sega and Nintendo platformers were an inspiration, like Sonic and Mario, especially for art direction.

"Getting the balance for an F2P game to include monetization mechanics was the biggest challenge. It’s an aspect that we’re always developing." – Jonathan Baker, Klang Games

ReRunners allows the player to create their own experience based on their playing style – they can explore the Overworld and challenge their friends at their own pace, or immerse themselves in the game, and fight to become the greatest Runner of all time!

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