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Calling all Game Developers! We’re hiring

November 06, 2015

Are you a skilled Game Developer, but need more Klang in your life? Then you could be the one that we’re after…

Things are getting crazy (crazy in a good way) here at the Klang HQ in Berlin. We’re approaching the launch of ReRunners, and we’re super excited about partnering with Tilting Point, who will be working their publishing magic on the game.

But, it’s always good to have as many hands available to get our wacky ideas into the game, which is why we’re hiring!

You may have already seen this vacancy via our Jobs page, but if you haven't, we’re after an amazingly talented Game Developer that has vast Unity3D experience. You must have experience in mobile development with a HUGE passion for gaming, especially for mobile gaming! Plus, it’s super important that you’re based in Berlin (or on your way to Berlin), as we need someone who can start right away.


Why should you want to work at Klang?

Well, we’re super cool and friendly people. I promise. We also like to have fun and create things that we think are amazing – see here. We also have some significant backing, including London Venture Partners (early investors in Supercell). Most importantly, we’re very passionate about what we do! 

So, could you be the next Klanger? Contact us if you think so!

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