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Come Grow With Us! - Career Progression At Klang

Wednesday, December 6th

From our Seedlings to our Employees, at Klang we love watching things grow! And when it comes to our employees, we always make sure that they not only feel supported in their current positions, but also in their career paths as a whole. This week we’re chatting with Janira, Junior UX Designer, about her career progression at Klang, and specifically about her thoughts on how Klang has helped her grow within the company.

Janira started out at Klang in QA (quality assurance), but she had worked previously in Spain as a UI/UX Designer for three years before moving to Germany. Because it was difficult for her to find a position in UI/UX Design in Berlin straight away, she happily took up a QA position at Klang. And while she was perfectly satisfied with working in QA, Janira never forgot her love for UI/UX Design.

Luckily for Janira, from the beginning, both her manager and colleagues were in full support of her passion for UI/UX design. Janira says they were “always super supportive of where I wanted to go”, and that they helped her explore different ways that she could develop inside the company. For Janira, this meant that she was encouraged to spend time with the UI/UX Designers, so that she could see if that department and work would really be a good fit. It also meant that when a position for Junior UX/UI Designer was open, Janira was top on the list of candidates.

Supporting our employees in moving departments or roles is important to us at Klang. This is because we believe that people do their best work (and stick around longest) when they are genuinely fulfilled and happy with their role. Janira said it well when she said, “ it’s better to give employees the opportunity to grow within the company, and do something that satisfies them, than to keep them in a position where they are unhappy”. It is because of dedication to each Klanger’s development, that growth is one of our core cultural pillars at Klang. We are firm believers that content employees lead to a more rewarding and dynamic work environment for everyone! We love a good win-win scenario!

If you are interested in working at a company that values your work and supports you in your career path, check out our careers page for a full list of our open positions!

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