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Common Misconceptions Of Gaming (And Gamers)

September 13th, 2022

Gaming seems to be an activity that a lot of people have many opinions on, both good and bad. However, sometimes (actually pretty often) these opinions are not completely true, or at least they don’t include the whole truth. This week we are going to take a look at the top 3 gaming misconceptions and see if they are fact or fiction.

#1 - Gamers are all men

While gaming is still heavily dominated by men, there are many female-identified gamers out there! Not only is there more female-identifying representation in games than ever before (games like Never Alone and Child of Light, which both showcase strong female protagonists), but there are also spaces (groups, chats, and channels) where female-identified gamers connect and play together. We can also see this shift away from male-dominated gaming in the industry itself. For example, at Klang, our employees come from all different gender backgrounds, and we work hard to create a safe space where everyone (no matter their gender) is welcomed and given the space to succeed. Some of the ways in which we do this are by prioritizing people from groups underrepresented in gaming during the application process, as well as normalizing the sharing of pronouns.

If you want to learn more about what it is like to be a female-identified gamer, check out our interview with our own Alice Cleaver (Junior Community Manager) on her experience.

#2 - Video games make you stupid

This misconception makes absolutely no sense to us! To be honest, it sounds like something your mom says to try and get you to get off of your computer and do your chores. Contrary to this belief, video games require quite a bit of logic and problem solving. In fact, studies have shown that playing video games can lead to increases in mental focus, multitasking, and more! For example, a study conducted by Daphne Bavelier showed that gamers are better at ignoring distractions and have quicker reaction times than non-gamers. There are a whole host of similar studies that show how gaming strengthens mental ability and even improves eyesight! So, the next time someone says that gaming makes you stupid you can tell them that their arguemnt is actually not very strong.

#3 - Gamers are antisocial

There is a very common belief that gaming leads to antisocial behavior. However, contrary to this idea, gamers are actually quite social, and games often help them connect with other people! Games provide people with a chance to meet other gamers, collaborate, and give and receive advice from each other. For example, some of our employees still use gaming as a way to stay in contact with their friends living in other countries. We are really inspired by the connections that gaming can foster, and we are working to build SEED into a game that will continue to promote collaboration and relationship building. There’s a reason that we call it “the gaming community” after all.

It goes without saying that we are big fans of games (and gamers) here at Klang, but it’s not just because they're a part of our jobs. It’s also because we see how games bring people together and that gets us really excited! We hope that our work, and SEED itself, will continue to impact the gaming community, and even humanity, in a positive way.

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