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David’s 4 (or 6?!) Year Anniversary

August 24th, 2022

David’s path to Klang was not straightforward, but we think that some of the best stories have many twists and turns! It all started back in 2014 when Klang asked him to come and help out with the audio for a project called Rerunners.

David first arrived in Berlin with nothing but a small suitcase “I had no intention of moving to Germany”, he says. Maybe it was the artistic chemistry between David and Rainer (our Technical Director), or maybe it was just that he was having too much fun, but 2 months turned into 2 years before David knew it!

After Rerunners was complete David moved to Stockholm to get his Masters degree in Digital Management. In 2018 David graduated his program and ended up back in Klang’s arms when they asked him back as Head of Audio, and he’s been there ever since! David is the sole member of the Audio Department (for now) and this means that he is in charge of everything that sonically comes out of Klang (including SEED and Klang’s other projects like The Life Cycle Podcast). His main focus is on the sounds of SEED, from city noises all the way to the sound of trees rustling in the wind. Audio is such an integral part of any game (or experience, for that matter), and David’s work helps make SEED and the world of Avesta really come alive!

If David could give his Day-1 Klanger self a piece of advice it would be to “stay grounded and keep your eye on the prize”, the prize meaning SEED. It is this focus and dedication that we appreciate so much about David. If he could have any superpower David says he would choose being able to speak German. “I would like to be able to open my mail and actually know what it says”, he jokes. Well, German or no German we are delighted to have David on our team and are excited to see the amazing audio he continues to create for Klang!

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