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Doing Culture the Klang-way!

Wednesday, November 30th

Besides our top-notch employees and amazing office space, at Klang we pride ourselves on our unique company culture!

The truth is that every company has their own unique company culture, but sometimes this culture can be difficult to clearly define. What even is culture anyway?? (Even world scholars have trouble giving a direct answer). Well lucky for us Klangers, our CEO, Mundi, took the opportunity last month to do a deep dive into the culture that we are establishing and nurturing at Klang. Let's take a look at some of the points that he touched on regarding Klang’s five culture pillars: collaboration, growth, excellence, adventure, and purpose. 

Click this link here to dive into Klang's five cultural pillars to find out what Klang's culture is all about! If you’re wondering who drew the pictures, it was Mundi himself!

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