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Germany Loves Games: A Look at Some of Germany’s Best Gaming Events

Thursday, November 23rd

Germany is known for its history, beer, and sausages (okay we’re being cliche, but let’s be honest this is what you think too.) What it is less known for, but (in our humble opinion) should be known for, is its gaming industry and gaming events! Here we look at five of Germany’s biggest and best games events.


If video games were a religion (we can admit here that to many of us, they are,) then Gamescom would be Mecca. Held in Cologne, this event is massive and attracts passionate gamers, and developers (industry insiders, and even sometimes Klangers) from across the globe. And it makes sense! Where else can you get hands-on experience with new games and test cutting-edge gaming hardware? Plus, the city of Cologne has a lot to offer tourists. In the moments you’re not drooling over a new simulation game, visit a brauhaus and try the city’s famous Kölsch beer or take a walk and explore the world’s third largest Gothic cathedral. In 2024 Gamescom will take place from August 21st-25th.


If you’re more interested in networking and building a professional gaming community (congratulations, you are officially a grown-up), then you should check out Devcom. In 2024 Devcom will be held right before Gamescom, from August 18th-20th in Cologne. Devcom is a developer conference that delves into the many aspects of game development, industry trends, and the art of creating interactive entertainment. Get ready for interesting talks, workshops, panels, and even exhibitions and shows.


Although DreamHack is technically an international gaming festival, we chose to include it in this post because they will be in Hannover from December 14-17th. DreamHack and Gamescom have a lot in common, but DreamHack stands out for the way that it combines competitive gaming, community, and a deep love of gaming culture and cosplay. Want to partake in an esports tournament or a massive LAN party (we know we do!) then DreamHack is the place for you. In between esports tournaments and LAN parties (if you can manage to pull yourself away), you can take some time to roam the streets of Hannover (what we think is one of Germany’s most underrated cities.) Wander around the historic Old Town or take a peek at the gorgeous New Town Hall, and we promise you will be impressed!

Hamburg Games Conference

Another great gaming conference to check out is the Hamburg Games Conference. This event has a specific focus on C-Level business and Investment, and its 2024 theme is “Invest in Games.” Picking up where they left off, the 2024 Hamburg Games Conference (held from March 5th-6th) will be held in the Altonear Museum and will host exhibitions, speakers, and lots of opportunities to geek out with fellow gaming nerds (or as they call it ‘networking’.) Once the Conference is over, take the opportunity to traverse Hamburg's many canals (more than Amsterdam and Venice combined,) visit Miniatur Wunderland (yes it really is a museum of all things miniature,) or check out the Reeperbahn Red Light District (yes, the Beatles played here once!)


Last but not least we’d like to give a shout-out to Berlin’s own A.MAZE. A.MAZE is an arthouse games and playful media festival that happens annually right here in Berlin. At this festival, you can find all kinds of experimental and independent games, along with theater, music, and performance art. Playful and artistic, A.MAZE is a great alternative games event to check out. Plus, in case you’ve forgotten there is plenty of food, outdoor spaces, music, and more to explore in Berlin while you’re here. This upcoming year, A.MAZE will take place from May 8th-11th.

These are just five gaming events that Germany has to offer, but we hope that this post has given you a peek into what is out there!

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