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Happy 7 Years Rainer!

September 28th 2022

Native Berliner Rainer found Klang 7 whole years ago! (Can you believe it? We can’t!) And although those 7 years have flown by, we are still so grateful for Rainer’s dedication and expertise. Let’s take a little look at his story and how he got to Klang.

You can say with certainty that Rainer has really watched Klang grow as a company and as a team. “I experienced the whole transformation”, he says. It’s true! When Rainer first joined Klang he was the only Engineer, besides Oddur (our CTO). Now we have many Engineers and Rainer has been able to transition into the role of Technical Director, which he really enjoys. As a Technical Director, along with Oddur and our two other Engineering Managers, Rainer helps lead the Engineering Department. Specifically, he helps develop Klang’s technical direction and strategy, which is no easy feat!

Outside of work, a lot of Rainer’s time is occupied by his 3 kids. Rainer likes being a dad, and one of his favorite things about parenthood is the fact that he has an excuse to play with Legos. They even have a room completely dedicated to Legos at their house! “It’s a kid’s heaven”, says Rainer, but he admits that he also gets a lot of joy out of it.

When asked which kitchen appliance he would be and why, Rainer says he would be a Thermomix, which is a very powerful blender that cooks as stirs as well. He says this is because he, like the Thermomix, is all about optimization. “Optimization is my mantra and I try to optimize a lot of things in my life”, he says. From making coffee to the workflow of his day, Rainer likes seeing how efficient he can be. This efficiency is partly what makes him such a great Technical Director!

Happy 7 years Rainer! We are so lucky to have you on our team.

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