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Happy Anniversary, Archie

November 25th, 2021

Four years ago, Klang found a diamond in the rough when we snatched up Archie right out of university. He had just graduated from HTW Dresden with a bachelor's degree in Media IT, and his love for video games led him to our doors. And we were happy to invite him in!

From his perspective, he joined a young startup with only around 10 people, and a very ambitious dream - and he was a newbie, equally ambitious and truly excited about games.

It was a match made in heaven: for Archie it was an opportunity to learn by watching the company grow and change, something he says he would have missed out on in a more established studio - and Klang was lucky to get him before somebody else did of course.

We celebrated his first day with a cake to welcome him. But it was only when Rainer showed him our games room that it sunk in for Archie: he really was part of the games industry now.

(And over the years he destroyed - or was destroyed, depending on who you ask - his colleagues in Towerfall and Rocket League regularly in that room.)

Since then  Klang has seen  Archie come into his own, and turn into the awesome game engineer and person he is today. We have seen him solve difficult problems with our in-game building system - sitting in one of our meeting booths with a piece of graph paper, figuring out how to best determine the inside and outsides of rooms and buildings until he got it, for example. Recently he’s been busy getting Seedlings employed and paid.  Everybody agrees that even when times are stressful, Archie never loses his positive, patient and kind attitude. He’s also known for putting in the time to watch long coding videos or read books on the topic, and to then write concise summaries, listing out the most important learnings for his team in our internal blog, thus helping the whole team improve. Much appreciated!

And as we can see how far he’s come since the day he first arrived at Klang, we asked him, what would you tell young Archie on day 1, if you could send a message back in time?  “You should never try to catch stack overflow exceptions in order to fix something.”

Duly noted.

Archie! Thank you for four amazing years and all your hard work, friendship, rocket league matches, cakes and great sense of humor. We’re all looking forward to making many more memories with you in the coming years!

And here’s some words from your fellow Klangers:  

Martin, Game Engineer

Why does Archie rock, you ask? Well, besides literally rocking on his numerous electric guitars, in the past four years he has grown to be a great engineer who never backs away from a challenge and who is always curious to learn something new. He is also someone with whom I have had the honor to play through countless video games and who has simply become a genuinely good friend to me.

Keep on rocking, Archie! I am grateful to know you.

Oddur, Chief Technology Officer

Archie is an amazing game engineer with an incredible passion for his craft. He is able to take on whatever challenge is thrown at him. He also sometimes has really cool mohawks and plays heavy metal guitar.”

Wojtek, Engineering Manager

Within four years at Klang, Archie has improved his Engineering skills every single day. By now he is helping grow the knowledge of others as one of those filling the internal engineering blog and code show with content. And to top off being an ever improving technical expert, Archie is a role model in his positive attitude to overcoming problems and challenges.

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