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Klang's Accessible Hiring Process!

Wednesday, January 18th

Summary: In this blog post you will find contact information for our Lead Talent Acquisition Manager, Andy, and our Head of People, Tobi. Feel free to reach out to them if you have inquiries about the accessibility of Klang’s hiring process or any special needs. Both Tobi's and Andy’s email addresses are located at the bottom of this post.

It’s no big secret that we are hiring like crazy! It is an exciting time at Klang, and in order to build our immersive and expansive game, SEED, we need a large team of passionate individuals collaborating with each other. We are lucky to already have an amazing family of Klangers, but you know what they say, the more the merrier!

Something very important to us, when it comes to hiring, is that we are being as inclusive and equitable as possible. This is why we have created a hiring process that fights discrimination and welcomes all walks of life. Let’s take a peek at some aspects of Klang’s inclusive hiring process:

Fair Hiring Practices

When we say “fair hiring process”, we mean that Klang does not discriminate against people based on their religion, race, gender identity, or anything else for that matter. This is because we believe that hiring decisions should be made on the basis of qualifications and passion. Additionally, we make sure to keep an eye out for people that belong to groups that are underrepresented in the game industry.

That being said, we understand that we are not perfect, and we still have a ways to go in regard to the accessibility of our hiring process. We will dive into this topic more in future blog posts, so hang tight for now!

Additional Resources for Applicants with Disabilities

“The variety of accessibility needs is great and people with special needs and/or disabilities have different requirements for the hiring process”, says Tobi, our Head of People. “Being visually impaired myself, I have come across challenges when applying for jobs in the past. At Klang, we strive to reduce any barriers in order to make our hiring process and work environment accessible and fair to all people.” So how do we make sure unconscious bias, a lack of accessibility, and other factors do not stand in the way of us becoming even more inclusive?

For starters, we focus on inclusivity and unconscious bias in our hiring manager training. This is because we want to make our career positions available to people with special needs and/or disabilities. Additionally, we have supplimental channels of communication for applicants that need further support. If you have special requirements or needs for the hiring process at Klang, feel free to reach out to our Lead Talent Acquisition Manager Andy (Andrew Greer). If you wish to contact someone confidentially that is not part of the hiring process, please reach out to Tobi (Tobias Tümler) our Head of People. You can find both of their contacts at the bottom of this post.

Inclusivity is more than just a buzzword to us, it is an integral part of a balanced and healthy workplace. If working in an environment like this sounds exciting to you, head on over to our careers page to see what positions we are hiring for!

As a company, we are always looking for feedback! If you have any questions, concerns, or pieces of feedback for us about this blog post please reach out to Tobi at

Contact Information:

Andy Greer:

Tobi Tümler:

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