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It's Official! We've Joined Improbable's SpatialOS Games Innovation Program

March 02, 2017

Improbable has recently announced the first round of partners for its SpatialOS Games Innovation Program...and, we're one of them! Oh, this is probably a good point to introduce you to our next project, Seed.

The news was officially announced a few days ago at GDC, but, seeing as Mundi has just finished up discussing SpatialOS as part of the session, Building Worlds with SpatialOS, this would be a great time to let ya'll know here, too.

What is SpatialOS?

SpatialOS is a platform that allows Devs to create seamless-yet-vast simulated worlds that are able to host thousands of users at the same time, without compromising performance. This allows studios to build worlds with permanent consequences for the player, and allows for interaction with AI entities even when the player is offline.

What is the Games Innovation Program?

The program will allow us to use SpatialOS to create and test Seed up until launch, with reduced cloud computing costs. Or as we call it, “mates' rates”.

Furthermore, we'll be joining the roster with a bunch of other awesome projects, including Lazarus by Spilt Milk Studios, Chronicles of Elyria by Soulbound Studios, and Vanishing Stars: Colony Wars by Ninpo Game Studio.

What is Seed?

In a nutshell: Seed is a continuous persistent simulation where the player's goal is to take over a vast planet to ensure the survival of humanity. Using unique gameplay based on managing multiple characters, players collaborate to create a world driven by real emotion and ambition.

Watch this space!

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