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Happy Anniversary, Jere!

July 12th, 2022

Jere’s passion for video games started early in his life, and by the time he was 15 he was already busy modifying games like the Battle For Middle-Earth. It was from this deep love that he then decided to pursue a career in 3D art.

After completing his studies in Stuttgart he moved to Munich and took up a position with a company as a 3D Artist. However, after the only engineer on his team left, Jere found himself learning to code. “There we were, only artists sitting around and somebody had to code, and that was me”. Since then, Jere hasn’t stopped coding, and as a technical artist he considers it a big part of his life. In fact, Jere says that being a Technical Artist is all about “stepping into the code side but also the art side”, and that the process of combining them both is why he loves the position.

The way Jere describes his feelings about Klang are to-the-point, “I’m really happy here!” he says. And the feeling is definitely mutual! Matayas, Jere’s Producer, says that he “is an excellent Technical Artist, the first person in any meeting and a pleasant guy to talk to. Just like Houdini, he works magic when working with Houdini.”

Outside of work you can find Jere decorating his new apartment or enjoying some beers with friends by the Isar river. Although he lives in Munich, he enjoys connecting with the rest of the Klang team online and hopes to visit Berlin soon.

Jere’s piece of advice to his day-1 self is a simple one: “Do things properly and slowly. Don’t rush into tasks”. We can’t imagine Klang without Jere and we are excited to see what great things he continues to build with us!

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