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Happy 3rd Anniversary, Joe!

April 21st, 2022

Sometimes there’s a corner of a project where the true and the good work diligently, helping shape the project in a fundamental and, somewhat paradoxically, also public way. The role of Senior Concept Artist Joe Hurley is rooted in both domains: an integral part to setting the visual look and feel of the game through vital artistic explorations, his work feeds modelers and animators with the fuel they need so that players end up with the best possible looking SEED world and characters.

We’re delighted to have Joe with us, and have seen him flourish in the world of Avesta and its many challenging aspects, all of which need to be conceived of and sketched by our Concept Artists. This is crucial to make a world both logical and enjoyable to be in.

Joe had been freelancing for a while, and when he saw Klang was hiring for “a really unique and interesting project”, as Joe describes it, he decided to apply. And how happy we were that he did! “I actually spent a few days drawing a bunch of new ‘SEED style’ stuff for my portfolio to impress Hossein and Eran. I don’t think I ever told them that, but I guess it worked.” We guess it did!

Joe’s style has always fitted SEED perfectly and over the years he has contributed countless works from which the entire team gathers inspiration, input and excitement, and we know the community loves it too.

His Day 1 advice to himself is as gnomic and practical as we would expect from the zen maestro that is Joe Hurley: “Buy a comfier office chair, your back is important!”

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