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John’s 4 Year Anniversary!

October 11th, 2022

There are a few things you can always rely on John for: his cheerful and cheeky attitude, ability to string words together, and incredible fashion sense (I mean, who else can rock a blue suit as well as he can?). From his help developing the backstory of SEED, to his work on The Life Cycle Podcast, John is an invaluable part of Klang and we are so happy to celebrate his four year anniversary!

Six years ago John met Mundi (Klang’s CEO) at a cultural space in Neukölln. They were connected through John’s sister and started a friendship of their own. After watching Klang’s release of ReRunners, John was invited to help create the backstory of SEED, along with a few other projects. In 2018 it became official and John joined Klang as an employee.

John’s official title is Head of Editorial, and this basically means he is Klang’s resident writer who is in charge of things like game narrative and other projects like The Life Cycle Podcast (which is going to be releasing a new season in the near future!). One of his most recent (and most beloved) projects was the Newhaven News Network newscast, which covered the three days of our latest playtest. Believe us when we say you’re going to want to check it out!

Outside of work, John’s passions include contemporary visual art and, you probably guessed it, literature. In fact, John is a published novelist and has written two books, “The Readymades” and “Oslo, Norway”. He’s been known to use all of his holiday time to participate in writing residencies all over the world, with his latest residency taking place in Paris. But John promises that writers do more than write in their free time! One of John’s other passions is running, and he just successfully completed a marathon last month. Congratulations John!

John has definitely left his mark on Klang, and continues to do so. Cheers to four years and many more!

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