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Klang Games Partners with Tilting Point® to Launch and Operate ReRunners™

October 28, 2015

Venture Backed Indie Game Studio Adds Support from Leading Publishing Services Provider

Berlin and New York – October 28, 2015 – Klang Games, a Berlin-based independent game development studio, today announced an agreement with publishing partner Tilting Point to support ReRunners, the upcoming multiplayer platform racer for mobile and tablet. Klang Games recently received an investment from the game-focused venture capital firm, London Venture Partners. The collaboration with Tilting Point will afford ReRunners a greater opportunity for success through a combination of funding, operational support, marketing, and live ops, while Klang Games retains full creative control and IP ownership.

ReRunners will be joining Tilting Point’s growing game roster, which includes the App Store Best of 2014 and Apple Design Award winning hit, Leo’s Fortune, the popular word and puzzle game hybrid, Languinis, and Beat Sports, the Apple TV exclusive game from developer Harmonix.


Tilting Point’s mission is to facilitate success for promising independent developers in the highly competitive mobile game market. The new agreement will see Tilting Point helping Klang with a range of fundamental services including marketing, user acquisition, analytics, quality assurance, and localization.

"Tilting Point sees the vision and potential in ReRunners and impressed us with their comprehensive in-house team and clear focus on their external developer partners,” commented Ívar Emilsson, game designer and co-founder of Klang Games.  “They also posted some outstanding race times during their testing of ReRunners so we decided to do the deal with them!"

Klang Games was founded in 2013 by Ívar Emilsson, Mundi Vondi, and Oddur Magnússon. Icelandic game developers Ívar Emilsson and Oddur Magnússon have collectively built up 20 years’ experience in developing online multiplayer games, working at game studio CCP Games – known for the popular MMO, EVE Online, and the FPS, Dust 514 – and artist Mundi Vondi has an extensive background in art and design.

Dan Sherman, president and co-founder of Tilting Point, commented on the new partnership agreement, “This deal marks a new era of collaboration between independent developers and the growing ecosystem of organizations that are designed to support them. Many consider the backing of a top tier game VC like LVP and the unique publishing services model of a partner like Tilting Point to be mutually exclusive. In fact, we bring very different and complementary strengths to the table, which when combined give Klang and ReRunners the best shot at success.”

David Gardner, co-founder of London Venture Partners, led the firm’s investment in Klang and explains meeting Klang and the Tilting Point partnership:

“I first heard of Klang through the Icelandic gaming community. I was made aware that a talented group of guys were building something fun and fast-paced in Berlin, expanding on their massively multiplayer experience gained from EVE Online. I had an initial Skype call and looked at the game – there was something special, something brilliant about the way multiplayer showed up in the creative work. We continued to get to know them over the months that followed and just had to invest; we couldn’t get the game out of our heads. I’m excited to see that Tilting Point feels the same and will partner to bring this team to content hungry gamers everywhere!”

Currently in its Beta stage, ReRunners is an online, asynchronous multiplayer game for mobile and tablet that features an open world and fast-paced racing gameplay. The game is set to raise the bar of the 2D platformer genre, by combining adventure, racing, action, and RPG elements in a socially engaging environment. ReRunners is set to launch in early 2016.

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