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Klang Games Receives London Venture Partners Investment

August 06, 2015

Klang Games was founded in 2013 by Icelanders Ivar Emilsson, Odd Snær Magnusson and Gudmundur Hallgrímsson. A few weeks ago, the studio finally closed a deal with London Venture Partners for, among other projects, the studio’s ReRunners mobile game.

ReRunners is the first product of the accumulated experience of the team behind Klang Games, and the game is set in an open world, combining adventure, racing, action, and RPG elements in a socially engaging environment. The game is set for release later in 2015 for both iOS and Android devices.

But investments are not completed overnight, and the team at Klang Games is glad to finally be able to announce the investment. Klang Games’ close-knit collaboration with LVP (London Venture Partners) took, according to MMO design veteran and Klang Games co-founder, Ivar Emilsson, approximately a year to court.

“The process was very fluid and natural, we first got to know LVP over a year ago, and ever since we’ve been building our relationship. They’ve given us solid advice from day one, so we’re really happy to have them “officially” on board. Of course there were some unexpected difficulties, but nothing major and almost exclusively limited to weird German bureaucracy (the best kind). “, says Ivar Emilsson.

“The studio is fully focused on our first release ReRunners, we’re ironing out the last kinks and getting ready for soft-launch!”

All in all, Klang Games is the embodied vision of the three Berlin-residing Icelanders, and apparently there were great benefits involved with moving to Berlin, Ivar says. According to him, some of the many advantages included: Cheaper prices to minimize costs, attractive local talent, accessibility from the rest of Europe, the weather (though compared to Iceland), and generally liking Berlin.

“We actually had a short list of cities that we were considering, we wanted to choose the best place to start our journey. In the end Berlin was chosen due to its many advantages. We love it here!”, Ivar Emilsson states.

So what is Klang Games’ recipe for a success? Some of it has to do with inner wanting and desires. Ivar describes it like so: “Having a great time doing what we love!”.

Taking that into consideration, it suddenly becomes a bit more obvious and clear why Klang Games seems to slowly be rising to the top in mobile games. After all, having a clear vision of where to be is half the journey. And the location especially becomes relevant when you have to start recruiting great talent.

“We believe that player-to-player interactions are really important, playing with or against someone creates an unique emotional atmosphere that we really hope to capture with our games. Our goal is also to create long-term sustainable games, by constantly iterating and improving them and building strong player communities.”, Ivar Emilsson says.


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