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Klang Partners with Rise and Play!

Wednesday, December 20th

Two weeks ago, Klang hosted Rise and Play’s first women-in-games networking event in our very own office! The event kicked off in Klang Cafe, where 50 women from all walks of life gathered together. It was a morning full of inspiration, connection, learning from each other, and a really tasty breakfast spread complete with donuts (it’s important to remember the important things).

Founded by Sophie Vo, Rise and Play is a network of leaders in the gaming industry that prioritizes humanity and sustainability in gaming and business. They have a podcast, blog, and masterclass that you can check out.

For Sophie, this networking event was a direct response to the scarcity of gaming events in Berlin, especially those catering to female professionals. She explained how “this gap in the industry sparked my idea for this event, and I hope to offer a platform where women can practice, play, and experiment.”

Our co-CEO, Isabelle Henriques, kicked off the morning’s presentations with a talk about the future of gaming. She discussed her predictions for what lies ahead, specifically about how the digital world and the physical world will continue to blend and evolve. Lastly, she touched on SEED and how it will fit into this future world of gaming (and even thrive). Her words were met with interest and enthusiasm from the audience and by the end, we had a whole list of new play session participants (a happy surprise!)

Later in the morning, Sophie addressed the group. In her talk, she highlighted the importance of providing tools and resources to aid women’s growth in the games industry. She also discussed the importance of networking (she promises it’s not as scary as it sounds to some of us). Additionally, she discussed the challenges that women often encounter in traditional networking spaces. Finally, she went on to share various strategies and tips for effective networking.

The event's impact was evident in the voices of the attendees. Wéko Tsai from Roamer Games captured the essence of the event, remarking, “It’s really great that this event is a safe place for women to network. I’ve been in networking spaces (even ones just for women) and sometimes they have felt very competitive or like certain people dominate the space. This event feels very different and it is refreshing.”

Echoing these sentiments, Martyna Powaza from Playtest Cloud shared, “I like this event a lot and I think that we could use some more networking events in Berlin, especially for women. At networking events I usually feel intimidated by how few women there are, so I hide in the corner. But this experience gives me a lot of inspiration for how I will show up in these spaces in the future.”

Lilith Pásztor from Wooga summed up the atmosphere: “I think that the nicest thing about this event is the atmosphere. There’s something that happens when you’re in a space full of women where it’s easier to talk to people. It feels like there’s not a lot of judgment going on. It’s a very nice and friendly environment.”

Sophie has hopes to expand the concept in the future. “I am planning to create a series of events like this where every gender is welcome. My goal is to help the audience, especially those from minority backgrounds, tap into opportunities through these events.”

This Rise and Play event wasn't just a get-together: it gave 50 women who all love games the opportunity to come together and learn from each other. It also emphasized the increasing role of women in gaming and the importance of inclusive spaces. We're happy to have been a part of this event and are dedicated to supporting women in the gaming industry!

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