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Klang's Office Is Moving!

Wednesday, March 1st

As we have already mentioned in a previous blog post, our office will be moving this summer!

Our current office, on Oranienstraße, has been a fantastic home for us and all of our amazing creations. However, due to our growing (and fantastic!) team, we are in need of a bigger and more versatile space. Luckily, we’ve found one, and it’s less than a 10-minute walk from our current office! We are delighted to be staying in Kreuzberg.  We cannot imagine Klang residing in a more diverse or culturally rich community and we are grateful to be remaining in the area.

This move will not only provide us with a larger space, but also modern facilities that are better suited to our team’s needs. Our new building will feature five whole floors of updated technology and amenities, as well as additional collaborating areas and hang-out spaces (for after-work events and our weekly Street Fighter - Mortal Kombat arcade).

Klang is a remote hybrid workplace. This means that the majority of our team resides in Berlin and comes into the office a couple of times a week, while other remote workers have more flexibility with their in-person hours. Therefore, the space will be designed with this in mind. It will have both desks dedicated to those that come into the office every week, as well as flexible desks that can be used by remote workers.

Last week Klangers took a field trip to the new building to see it for themselves! As they walked through the halls and rooms, there was a buzz of energy and enthusiasm as they envisioned their future workspaces. It was great to see everyone exploring the space together.

We’re excited to start this new chapter of Klang’s journey and look forward to making this space our new home. Stay tuned for more updates!

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