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Matic's 3 Year Anniversary!

July 26th, 2022

A little over three years ago Matic was unhappy with his current job and was desperately trying to find a gaming studio in Berlin that was hiring. He searched high and low but was struggling to find something suitable in the city. Then one day he logged into Linkedin and saw that someone from a company called Klang Games had viewed his profile.

Matic was shocked that he had never heard of Klang before. “What the hell? I had no idea. I had been googling all around for any kind of gaming company and here was one in Berlin working on an MMORPG game, which was exactly what I wanted to work on”. Some might call it luck but Matic feels that it was fate. “It really felt like this was destiny telling me that there is something still here for me in Berlin” he says.

Matic works for the QA (Quality Assurance) department here at Klang, “I play games and I make money doing that” he jokes. But in all seriousness, Matic’s job is very important. He makes sure that there aren’t any bugs or problems with the game so that players have the best possible experience. Now that he is no longer new to the job, his days involve a lot of planning, problem solving, and mentoring, which he really enjoys.

In his free time Matic likes to, you guessed it, play computer games! Ever since he was a young boy he was obsessed with gaming. “I was a big nerd,” says Matic. And although his mother kept telling him to stop playing games and start studying, he didn’t. “I wouldn’t be able to do this job if I didn’t have the persistence to play the same game over and over again”. He’s happy that gaming all those years paid off.

Matic’s advice for his day-1 Klanger self is a little different than most others: “I would tell myself to ask my manager to move me into a room with more people” he says. When he first got hired at Klang, Matic was shy and not very confident. So when he was put in a room with only a few people that were often gone or in meetings, he didn’t know how to ask to be moved. But he eventually came out of his shell, and since then has come a long way. However, he doesn’t forget his past, and now he goes out of his way to be inclusive and welcoming to new staff. You can always count on him to invite you to lunch or events after work.

Matic’s manager Benn perfectly sums up how we feel about him. “Matic is such a core part of QA at Klang, always looking out for the rest of the team and pushing for ways that we can be better. Watching him grow in his experience, and help and support others around him to grow has been a real joy. I hope to see him continue this for many years to come!". And so do we!

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