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'ReRunners', an Upcoming Platformer, is an Asynchronous Competitive Multiplayer Game

July 24, 2015

As I was reading about ReRunners, the upcoming platformer by Klang Games, its description got me immediately interested: asynchronous, competitive platformer. I love good multiplayer games on iOS, and the idea of a competitive platformer that I can play at my own pace sounded like a great idea.

A few words about the developers first. Two of the three founding members of Klang Games have worked on the multiplayer games Eve Online and Dust 514, so between them they bring plenty of experience on designing multiplayer games. ReRunners seems to be a product of those experiences as it will be set in an open world and will combine adventure, racing, action, and RPG elements in a socially engaging environment.

More specifically, the developers claim that the game will allow players to compete against online friends and other players from all over the world all the while gaining XP and collecting coins that will let them unlock new skills, buy various perks, and customize their Runners. Judging from the video below, ReRunners is very fast paced and will probably be a blast to play with others, as long as it controls well. The world looks very colorful, and I wonder how the "open-world" part that the developers mention will play out. ReRunners will be universal and F2P, it should be coming out this year, and if you want to get an early taste of all the running, you can join the beta here if they still have empty spots.


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