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'ReRunners' Is Offering Its Beta Players the Chance to Upgrade and Rank up Before Global Launch

May 24, 2016

I've been playing the upcoming multiplayer platformer ReRunners on and off for quite a few months now (and even wrote a preview). It's a very fun, colorful, and action-packed runner that lets you race against your friend's ghosts. With the game getting closer to release, the developers decided to go an interesting route. Once the game pops out of beta soon, player progress will be erased, which isn't the best thing for those who've spent plenty of time with the game. So, to make it up to them in a way, Klang Games will open up an early access build of the game exclusively for the beta community. This move, which is being done in cooperation with Mobcrush, will let players play what is pretty much the final version of the game and upgrade and rank up their characters prior to the game's global launch.

This is an interesting idea, and it should make beta players feel like they still got something out of participating in the beta (other than actually playing the game for months and helping shape it). ReRunners has plenty of promise in part because it's a really good platformer and in part because of the multiplayer element that makes it a great game for players who enjoy competition. So, if you're one of the beta players, enjoy the early release version, and as for the others, not too long to wait now.


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