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Robyn Pacetti - 1 Year Anniversary

January 28th, 2022

It’s been an incredible, jam-packed year for Robyn since she joined Klang as Executive Producer: she has barely stayed still for longer than a second! The role of EP is incredibly important in ensuring the entire studio is aligned and optimized in its working capacity and Robyn has tirelessly worked to streamline Klang into a position for success.

With over 20 years in the video game industry, she has the experience Klang needs. The long road that led her to Klang was a logical one: "I have worked in video games for over 20 years now," she says. And indeed an MMO was one starting point: "I found my first job in the games industry while helping as a volunteer on a MMO back in 2001. I have always had a passion to work on MMOs and online worlds in general (Runes of Magic, TERA, Bounty Bay Online, WWIIOL, Heroes and Generals)."

From this starting point she worked across the industry, gathering invaluable experience: "I also worked on many other types of games like The Division, Kingdom Come Deliverance". But all the while her first love - MMOs -  were suffering somewhat: "I got bored for a while working on theme park MMOs as the genre was not innovating enough. This is what brought me to SEED, finally a game that has the right level of innovation and ambition. The next generation of online worlds."

And we were delighted that she found SEED and joined Klang to steer the adventure that is making this new online world. While she may have started in the middle of the pandemic, it didn’t stop her meeting every staff member in the company and beginning to understand the vision of the founders and the roles and responsibilities of each Klanger.

Soon though she could make it to Berlin and the Klang HQ. A place where work meetings are that little bit more fun: "I’m always having a lot of fun in the office, with all the Lego sets lying around. There is nothing like having a meeting while building Lego."

Asking her about her first day at Klang and what she’d say to herself, Robyn typically thinks big and efficient! "Since I'm traveling back in time, I’d give myself my 2021 notes, maybe even a copy of the latest source code, and save everyone and myself a lot of time! And I would look forward to the moment I could say “I'm from the future” then disappear mysteriously, before anyone can ask me about the release date."

Her hopes for SEED and Klang are as elegant as they are exciting: "People playing the game, lots and lots of people playing the game…" And we know, thanks to having her guiding the ship, that this is going to happen real soon.

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