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Sabine's 2 Year Anniversary!

Wednesday, November 16th

Native to Berlin, Sabine found her way to Klang because she was looking to return to Berlin to be closer to her family.

Her journey into game design began when she attended Games Academy Berlin, where she got certified. After graduating the program in 2010 she officially began working as a game designer! She worked at a handful of companies, from Ubisoft to Travian Games, in which she was able to continue growing her game design skills. These jobs took her all over Germany, and she ended up in Der Pfalz. Although it was beautiful, Sabine felt Berlin calling her back again. And we’re happy that it did!

At Klang Sabine is the Lead Game Designer. This means that on top of actually creating designs for the game, she is also responsible for managing a team of designers. In other words, she makes sure that the design process is smooth and cohesive. This split between designing and managing can be difficult, but Sabine says that “it is interesting and I grow a lot, which is very important for me”.

Her engagement with video games doesn’t end when Sabine goes home! She spends a lot of her free time playing and analyzing video games. “I love jumping into other games”, she says. Sabine also has a passion for drawing anime and manga, and she even has her own comic that she makes online!

If she could give one piece of advice to her day-1 Klanger self, Sabine says it would be “have more confidence in yourself and trust your own judgment”.

Happy 2 year Klangaversary Sabine! We are very lucky to have you on our team.

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