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Season 2 of The Life Cycle Podcast is on the Horizon!

Wednesday, November 9th

We’re happy to announce that the second season of The Life Cycle Podcast is almost here!

We know that you have been patiently waiting since the end of Season 1, and we can say with confidence that it is going to be worth the wait. “Little did we know,” says co-host Eva Kelley, “that when we covered the zombie apocalypse and other hopes and fears for the future in season 1 that we would all collectively experience a global pandemic. Now, three years since we first started recording, it feels great to be back looking at the future.”

If you’re new here, first, welcome! The Life Cycle, which is produced by Klang Games, is a podcast about the future of humanity. In season 1, the two co-hosts, John Holten and Eva Kelley, took us on a journey through topics such as brain transplants, simulation theory, apocalypse, and more. They traveled the globe, from Berlin all the way to Atlanta and LA with stop offs in between, in order to interview and chat with leading scientists and experts.

In season 2, John and Eva will pick up right where they left off, except this time we find the two of them in an unusual location in London. They take the listener on a journey that reaches all the way into the past and far, far into the future. This season they will be exploring topics like evolution, space travel, quantum physics and computing, the future of alcohol, and much more. Joining them will be some of the world's leading experts in the field, like theoretical physicist Avi Loeb and Co-Founder of, Sarah Al Hussaini, to name just a few.

A lot has changed since season 1. Eva moved away from Berlin and started a family in London, while John continued to work at Klang, he also finished a manuscript of a novel, as well as hosting an interview series with artists and writers. The team has navigated the new distance well, with zoom skills learned since 2020, ensuring that season 2 is going to be a jam-packed series of episodes full of twists and turns, so you’re not going to want to miss it! Keep your eyes peeled, the season will drop Winter 2022/2023.

If you haven’t already listened to Season 1 of The Life Cycle, go check it out! And subscribe on your favorite podcast platforms so as not to miss the departure of this next exciting journey! Who knows where you’ll end up.

Happy 3 Year Anniversary Michail!
Sabine's 2 Year Anniversary!
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