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Seed, Klang's ambitious EVE-like MMO, teases scale of interconnected world

July 17, 2018

Seed is a hugely ambitious in-development MMO that echoes EVE Online, Rimworld and The Sims. Developed by Klang Games and powered by Improbable's SpatialOS tech, its persistent simulation is inspired by Facebook and its construction and management systems pull from the likes of Dwarf Fortress. Its hugely ambitious, and its latest trailer teases the scale of its interconnected world.

That's featured above, which the developer's Jonathan Baker says is designed to "offer a glimpse into the world of Seed and hint at some of the project's possibilities, allowing for the community to envision their own playing ambitions."

Baker says the short above aims to showcase the connections between characters—known as 'Seedlings'—and their environments. "Everything is connecting to everything else," says Baker of the trailer's overarching message. "And that these connections - physically and theoretically - can multiply."

When I spoke to Klang Games co-founder Mundi Vondi about Seed last year, we discussed how these interconnected characters will help reduce grind. This excerpt is interesting:

Players can control up to ten players. A lot of game design that's usually very tricky—like sleeping, disease, mental issues, ageing—they're pretty difficult if you're one character. But when you have ten you can actually do something with it. One can be sleeping, one can be somewhere else and so on. A lot of grind gets solved with this, so they basically work autonomously. They set their routines, and so they look through that and work on what their priorities would be. 

We're basically grouping together all these players and we can basically throw loads and loads of players into it. This means that we can hopefully, one day, have players building their own businesses and ultimately we want to see a world where people have furnished apartments, people are walking back and forth from their jobs. 

Seed does not currently have a release date, but Klang says it will keep the community updated about its future test plans via its website and Discord


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