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Series B Funding Round Secured for Seed: Mo Money, Mo Seedlings!

August 15, 2019

It gives me extreme pleasure to announce that we’ve secured our Series B funding round for Seed, led by the global investment firm, Novator Partners, and also delighted that the round includes LEGO Ventures!

This round joins our current investors Northzone, Neoteny, firstminute capital, Makers Fund, and New Life Ventures. And we couldn't thank you all enough for your support.

From the words of the big boss, Mundi:

“We are thrilled Novator and LEGO Ventures are making this big bet on us and for getting Ragnarsson on as our Chairman - he truly understands the value of single-shard MMOs and brings his amazing experience from CCP to Klang. Partnering with LEGO Ventures, the global phenomenon of emergent gameplay, is fantastic and aligns perfectly with our vision. Finally, we are humbled that our great current investors Neoteny, firstminute Capital, Northzone, and Makers Fund are joining the round as well and couldn’t be more excited to have the fuel to deliver SEED without compromising on its very big vision.”

To quote Birgir Ragnarsson of Novator Partners:

“We have been a big fan of the team and leadership of Klang from the start,'' says Birgir Ragnarsson of Novator Partners. “The company is truly on the cutting edge in technology and innovation, but more importantly it understands games and gamers better than most and has no fear in its ambitions for SEED. This combination along with the artistic talent in the company gives rise to a truly exciting opportunity with unlimited potential. We are proud to take a lead role in the business and assist the team on this ambitious quest.”

From the Head of LEGO Ventures, Alexis Horowitz-Burdick:

“LEGO Ventures is excited to support Klang as they continue to push the boundaries of what MMOs can be. We believe in the team and the vision and look forward to joining them on this journey.”


To read the full scoop and to find out how much the round totalled, visit VentureBeat:

Thank you for the love!
- The Klang Gang

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