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The Comedy of Klangers – A Gamescom 2017 Monologue

September 01, 2017

In usual Klang tradition, we will now give you a small account of a recent Klang adventure. Last time was in LA at E3, this time in our home country, Germany, for Gamescom. Albeit, Cologne does feel like a different country. This time around, the lone warrior, Mundi, was joined by comrade Ívar, to accompany him on this Rhineland journey.

Take it away, Mundi!

“It really doesn't feel like too long ago that I was at a large gaming event. Probably because it wasn't too long ago! 

Gamescom is very similar to E3; it's unbelievably big, with lots of cool games, weird and wonderful cosplay, and hundreds of thousands of eager attendees. In fact, I heard that this year's Gamescom was the biggest, with over 350,000 visitors. I really couldn't imagine even seeing half of the stuff there, but I did notice that there were way more indie titles at Gamescom, though. That was nice.

But, as per usual, a lot of our time was spent running from meeting to meeting, with a few interviews thrown in for good measure.

The majority of our trip was spent at the Marriott Hotel, where we were staying (ballin'), or at the Dorint Hotel, where a bunch of our meetings were being held. Having said that, we saw some really amazing stuff during the moments we had time to go inside the venue.

From what I did manage to catch, my honorable mentions go to Cuphead, Swords of Ditto, Anno 1800, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, and Star Citizen!

Any respectable gaming event wouldn't be without ridiculous Cosplay. And, of course, Gamescom lived up to the hype. Admittedly, I didn't have enough time to go Cosplay hunting. However, I did see someone in a full Titanfall Pilot outfit, which was incredible, as well a guy intensively playing some game, haphazardly dressed up as Heath Ledger's Joker. That was pretty comical!

As per all Klang adventures, food and drink are always big, big deals. I was able to try the famous German delicacy, Schweinshaxe, or “pork knuckle” if your German isn't up to speed. Oh, and lots and lots of goulash. Haha! Also, those Colognians love to serve beer in tiny glasses, but also love to keep refilling them. There were multiple points during this trip where we forgot how many beers we had during an evening. Hello, hangover.

It was really nice to have Ívar to join me, especially for the parties! But, funny story. He was waaaayy too hungover to catch his return flight, so the poor boy got a later train back to Berlin.

I'd love to give big thanks to the following people: David Helgason for hooking up those Unity party tickets, Matt, Robin, Ryan, Jeff, David from Improbable, and all the awesome people we met during the event!"

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