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The Klang Extended Family Gets Even Bigger

October 29, 2015

The Klang family has gotten even bigger with the inclusion of our brothers and sisters in Tilting Point, who will be offering a combination of funding, operational support, marketing, and live ops for ReRunners.

Tilting Point is the best in the game! Tilting Point has a super impressive gaming roster that includes Leo’s Fortune, Languinis, and Beat Sports, among others. So, we’re honored to be a part of Tilting Point’s ever-growing list.

What makes this partnership special for us is that we retain full intellectual property and creative control over the direction ReRunners runs towards, as Tilting Point understands and respects our vision.

If you see any of the Tilting Point team running around in the Overworld, say “HI!” to them. But, just don’t Race them; they’re pretty, pretty good at the game.

Long Live Tilting Klang! Long Live Klang Point!

You can find the full press release here.

Klang Games Partners with Tilting Point® to Launch and Operate ReRunners™
Calling all Game Developers! We’re hiring
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