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The Life Cycle Podcast - Episode 1 of Season 2 is Live!

Thursday, January 26th

The much anticipated first episode of The Life Cycle podcast’s season 2, “Now What?” is now out in the world and ready for your ears! This is just the first of a string of about ten jam-packed episodes that will take you on a journey, all the way from space travel to the future of booze and a handful of fantastical places in between.

In this first episode, “The Stories We Tell Ourselves”, John and Eva first take us all the way down below the streets of London (we don’t want to spoil it by saying more). They then explore the concept of ‘Apocalypse’ first with Classics Professor Christopher Star. He explains both the history of the world, along with its contemporary context. He explains how “eventually things have to break down. And that’s just the nature of the universe. And that’s just the nature of the world”.

After that, we hear from Writer and Researcher Chiara Di Leone who is “interested in the ways in which we make sense of the future, and we plan for the future as humans, but the ways in which we do it at an institutional level”. She offers up a new perspective on modern storytelling techniques that talk about the apocalypse, strategic planning, and more.

We could keep talking about this episode but we think it’s probably better if you listen to it for yourself! You can find it on The Life Cycle’s website and also on your favorite podcast platforms. Stay tuned for episode 2, which will be released the week after next! Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss any episodes in the future!

Plus, starting this Thursday (26/01), head on over to our new discord channel called #the-life-cycle-qa and drop any questions you may have about The Life Cycle there. Next Thursday, in the afternoon, John will answer all of your questions!

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