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The Taming of the Mundi: An E3 2017 Monologue

July 07, 2017

A few weeks back, Mundi travelled to LA to attend a bunch of super confidential meetings – actually, do cocktails count as meetings? - and E3, plus all the madness that goes with it. I spoke with him and let him ramble on a little bit about his experiences. Of course, there will be some fictitious parts. Or are they fictitious?

Mundi, go for it!

“Man, it was great to be back in California. I've been there about three times over the past two years, and each trip was different. This time, it was slightly more 'trumpy', if you catch my drift? But, nah, that sounds too negative. I had a great time!

I was renting an apartment with PlayRaven's Robin Squire; shout out to him and Matt Wilson from Rovio...really great dudes. The three of us went to a bunch of parties, some exclusive, some not so. To be honest, I really can't remember who was hosting them – too many to remember – but I know that they were all smaller, industry-focused, rather than those big parties, like the Twitch one. I'm not too into going to these bigger parties as I end up losing my friends in a crowd of people, which isn't my idea of a good time.

A bunch of these parties have random, free food, mostly the size of rabbit pellets. So, in true American nature, I ate a bunch of absolute rubbish, which my body now regrets. The standout meal was a horrendously large Philly cheesesteak sandwich eaten at midnight, full of meat, cheese and onions. You know you're going to regret eating something when it's colour palette goes from yellow to brown. Not sure if it made my hangover better or worse?!


Enough about food, back to E3....

I spent the majority of E3 running from meeting-to-meeting, which is usual for me at these types of events. I'd say that I saw the interior of the JW Marriott Hotel way more than the inside of the LA Convention Center. I'm not trying to flex; this is where most of my meetings took place. So, I didn't get to see any of the big press events.

Having said that, I did get to walk around the show floor and check out some games. For me, Nintendo stole my heart, but, I'm a Nintendo fanboy! Wow, 'tendo has a bunch of fun and beautiful looking games. I can't wait for Super Mario Odyssey! Ummm...what else? I think Anthem looks amazing...almost too good to be true. I'm looking forward to A Way Out, especially as I really like unique co-op games.

Oh, and I must say that Odd Tales' cyberpunk gem, The Last Night, has the best pixel art that I've ever seen. Even better than ReRunners, if I dare say so. Such an amazing project coming from such an amazing team! Another honourable mention goes to Ni No Kuni II.

E3 is synonymous for strange and awkward moments...and this year didn't disappoint. There were a lot of very, very odd people in very odd cosplay, and to be fair, very odd people in general! No offence, it was like a circus, haha. AND, people really LOVE SWAG, no matter how ridiculous. If it's free, it's up for grabs.

Dang, I should have brought swag with me! Maybe signed pictures of my face? Do you think E3-goers would be into that? Yeah, of course they would.

Sega did have this huge dragon installation that looked, um, very phallic. It was totally unironic too. Impressive nonetheless.

Funny story, I almost forgot to mention was that Robin and I were on the same flight to LA. After convincing a couple of peeps to relocate, we were able to sit next to each other. And, I'm sure glad we did!

We spent over eight hours at 35,000ft drinking whiskey and playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Robin's Switch. We played until we could no longer keep our eyes open. We did try playing 1-2 Switch, but that didn't go down so well. Haha!

Unfortunately, I could only stay in LA for three nights as I had to head back to Iceland. I can't wait to head back to Cali at the end of the summer and meet up with all the people I couldn't meet this time around!!

Oh, I'd like to give big thanks to Alli Óttarsson for picking me up from the airport!

See you again soon!"

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