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Uli's 3 Year Anniversary!

June 28th, 2022

When you hear the words crime novel, biking, and woodworking you think of a video game programmer, right? Well, we do and that’s because we know Uli! Uli brings to Klang the same passion and dedication that drives his many different hobbies and we are so happy to have him on our team.

Three years ago Uli was working at another game studio in Berlin, developing mobile games for kids. He was happy but felt that he had outgrown his position and was ready for a new and exciting challenge. Luckily he found one at Klang! A friend of his that was currently working at Klang introduced him to the company and the project of SEED. “I immediately got hooked”, says Uli. It goes without saying that it was a match made in heaven because a couple of weeks later Uli was hired!

At Klang Uli is a part of a team called DevX, which is short for developer experience. “We mostly work on developing frameworks, tools, and the infrastructure supporting the development of SEED”, Uli explains. In other words, Uli is one of the important people behind all of the backend services that make sure SEED works smoothly.

If Uli could go back in time and give his day-1 self a piece of advice it would be “stay away from the snack bar, you won’t fit into your same clothes 3 years from now”.

No matter what size, we appreciate Uli and are so grateful to have him on this journey with us!

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