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We Love Feedback, Yes We Do!

Thursday, October 20th

We know that sometimes it can be difficult to receive feedback, especially when it is not necessarily positive. But at Klang we are strong believers that feedback (both positive and constructive) is an essential part of a dynamic and healthy workplace. Because of this, we are constantly in the practice of giving and receiving feedback to each other, it’s how we grow! Let’s take a little bit of a deeper look at why we value feedback so much.

Everyone Has Strengths & Areas For Growth

Although we’d all like to think that we are perfect just the way we are (and in many ways we are!), the truth is that we all have areas of strength and areas where we can grow. But don’t worry, these areas of growth are not bad! In fact, they are opportunities for us to continue learning and sharpening our skills. Plus, it’s completely okay if, on the road to growth, there are bumps and setbacks along the way (the roads to some of the best places are filled with bumps and turns). At Klang we actually celebrate failure, because failing is sometimes an important step on the way to success! Because of this we suggest that Klangers look at growth areas, not as criticism, but as places for them to expand and develop.

Feedback & Communication Go Hand In Hand

Another reason that we put so much emphasis on giving and receiving feedback, is because it is an important part of open, honest communication. Open communication can be difficult, especially in the face of conflict. We know that it can be scary to give someone a piece of feedback, even if you know them well! However, we also know that letting things bubble under the surface is much worse than addressing them head on. Creating a system where we are constantly giving and receiving feedback actually normalizes it, which makes it easier for everyone to partake in it!

Celebrating Our Accomplishments

After reading all this you’re probably thinking that we are just constantly telling each other the ways in which we can improve, but that’s not true! Feedback isn’t just about what someone can do better, it’s also about acknowledging how they are doing great. Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of the game development world we can forget to celebrate each other's victories, and at Klang we are firm believers that individual victories are as important as collective ones. Because of this we make sure that whenever we give feedback we remember to highlight people’s strengths, and celebrate their accomplishments!

If you are interested in working in a supportive and collaborative environment, check out our career page to see all of our open positions!

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