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We Love Kreuzberg, Yes We Do!

Wednesday, March 15th

Many of you already know that Klang is located in the heart of Berlin, in the nieghborhood of Kreuzberg. However, we realize that not all of you are familiar with Kreuzberg itself! This is why today we are going to introduce you to beautiful Kreuzberg, the place we call home.

Kreuzberg is an eclectic, vibrant, and diverse nieghborhood. It’s known for its nightlife, cultural diversity, culinary scene, and street art.

Starting in the 1960s, Kreuzberg has been a hub for counterculture movements, from the punk-rock movement to student protests and more. Although much has changed over the years, the neighborhood hasn’t lost its rebellious spirit. It is present in the distinct and eclectic residents, as well as in street art that adorns the many buildings of the area. From large-scale murals to small, hidden gems, Kreuzberg’s street art is a testament to the neighborhood’s strong artistic community and strong subculture identity.

One of Kreuzberg’s most unique aspects is its cultural diversity. From Turkish immigrants to musicians and artists, Kreuzberg is a neighborhood where all kinds of people feel at home. In fact, Kreuzberg has the second-largest Turkish population outside of Turkey! It is this mixture of ideas, heritages, and passions that makes it such an inspiring and creative place.

At Klang, one of the things that we love about the neighborhood is the variety of culinary options including cafes, restaurants, and bars! Turkish restaurants, like Klanger favorite Maroush, are particularly popular in the area, reflecting the neighborhood’s strong Turkish community. You can find an array of food options, from vegan bites at Himmel 8 to contemporary German dishes at Klinke, all within a short walking distance. It’s why Klangers never get bored choosing a lunch spot!

Kreuzberg also has a robust nightlife scene. From cozy bars to clubs, there is something for everyone. Some Klang after-work favorites include Möbel Olfe, Trödler Bar, and Südblock.

Some other neighborhood favorites include the comic book store Modern Graphics, club So36 (which is right on our street!), and long-standing flower shop Blumen Dilek.

This is just scratching the surface of Kreuzberg’s awesomeness! It is truly a special place, full of amazing people and we couldn’t think of a better place for Klang. If you’re ever in Berlin, make sure to check out this dynamic and bustling neighborhood!

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