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Welcome Klang’s New Co-CEO and COO, Isabelle!

July 7th, 2022

Klang’s family just got a little bit bigger and a whole lot better with the addition of Isabelle Henriques, our new Co-CEO and COO! We are overjoyed to have Isabelle on our team and can already see the positive impact that she has on Klang.

Isabelle joined Klang in February of 2022, back when Berlin was still cold and gray. At the time, most of us were busy dreaming about being on a tropical beach somewhere, but not Isabelle! She was motivated and ready to jump into her work at Klang right away, and that she did.

Isabelle brings with her 14 years of experience in management, operations, strategy and production. Before becoming a part of Klang, Isabelle was Studio Director and Lead Producer at Electronic Arts. In fact, she has worked on multiple AAA blockbuster franchises including Call of Duty, The Sims, and Madden. To say her past experience is impressive is an understatement!

We asked Isabelle how she feels about her new position with us, and this is what she said: “I am thrilled to be working with Klang Games. SEED is really pushing the boundaries of the gaming industry and I am excited to be a part of it. Since coming in contact with Klang and SEED, I have been amazed by the quality of the team and the innovative nature of their vision. I cannot wait to be a part of making this unprecedented game a reality.”

We’re just as thrilled to have Isabelle join the Klang crew as she is to be a part of it. Here's to all  of the amazing things that she will bring to both the company and to SEED!

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Happy Anniversary, Jere!
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