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What’s Happening in Berlin this June?

Wednesday, June 12th

We are happy to announce that spring is officially underway and summer is just around the corner in Berlin! This means that there is a lot going on in the city, from day parties to long afternoons spent sipping beer by the Spree. But if you’re still at a loss for something to do don’t worry! In this post, we take a look at four cool events taking place this June that you can dive into.

Futboll Championship (June 14 - July 14)

For all of you football fans (we know you’re out there,) you will be happy to know that the European Football Championship (UEFA Euro 2024) will take place in Germany from June 14 to July 14, 2024. This marks the first time since 1988 that Germany is hosting the tournament. Matches will be held across ten cities, including Berlin. In fact, Berlin’s Olympiastadion will be one of the key venues for the tournament! The final and five other matches will take place in Berlin, promising fans four weeks of football events in the capital. So, if you see football fans roaming the streets of Berlin, now you know why!

Fete de la musique (June 21)

Fête de la Musique originated in France in 1982 and spread to Berlin in 1995, quickly becoming an important part of the city's cultural landscape. Celebrated annually on June 21st, this event transforms Berlin's streets, parks, and public spaces into open-air stages (thanks to a special permit granted on this day), showcasing a diverse range of musical genres and performances. Roaming Berlin’s streets you can find both amateur and professional musicians from all sorts of genres. Plus, the 21st of June is Summer Solstice (the longest day of the year), which means that you will be able to enjoy the day’s light well into the night!

Long night of science (June 22)

Do experiments and new scientific findings excite you? If so, then the Long Night of Science (or Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften) might be something you’d like to check out! On June 22nd, from 5 pm to midnight (which technically is not a very long night for Berlin standards,) universities, research institutions, and laboratories across Berlin will open their doors to the public. This event was first held in 2001 and it offers a unique opportunity for people to engage with science through interactive exhibits, experiments, lectures, and demonstrations. So roll your sleeves up and get into some scientific exploration this June!

48 Hours Neukölln (June 28-30)

Where else would a grassroots-style non-hierarchical art festival exist if not in Berlin? Introducing: 48 Hours Neukölln (48 Stunden Neukölln in German,) an unconventional art festival. 48 Hours Neukölln adopts a decentralized, inclusive model that encourages participation from both seasoned professionals and newcomers in the art scene. The festival invites local artists, groups, and organizations to present performances, art events, and exhibitions. Additionally, some events are designed to be interactive, allowing visitors to engage and unleash their own creativity. This approach has positioned the festival as a pioneer in promoting community-driven cultural engagement. According to their website, this year’s festival theme is “Urban Silence,” and it “calls for reflection on silence in urban spaces as well as on the physical and cultural significance of urban sound space.” The festival events will take place all over Neukölln, so if you are in the area you won’t be able to miss it!

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