Who was that Klanger? A retrospective interview with Eiríkur Hákon Friðriksson

August 16, 2017

For this instalment of our Who's this Klanger? series, we decided to do something a little different. This time, I sat down with Junior Engineer and Intern, Eiríkur, just before his time was up, to discuss his experience at Klang, his future, and what it's like to be Mundi's brother.

So, Eiríkur, tell me about what lead you to down the path of the gaming industry.

“By random chance! When I was younger, I wanted to be a pilot or a chef, but then my brother – not Mundi, a different one - went into Computer Science, and I thought, 'that's pretty cool, I'll do that!' In fact, both of my brothers now have video gaming companies.”

And how'd you end up interning at Klang?

“I really want to get into the gaming industry, and interning is the best chance to do so. So, when I was offered it, it was too good of an opportunity to not go for.”

What are your plans post-Klang, and how'd you see your future?

“First off, I'm going to finish my degree in Computer Science at the University of Reykjavík next year. Then, I want to work with small teams on big games! My next step is to work at Myrkur Software with my brother, Friðrik.

Myrkur has a really great team working an AAA-quality title but only with a team of seven; it's a role-playing fantasy game...picture a love child between Dark Souls and The Witcher.

I see video games as the purest form of art; I want to create something that's super interesting, with a rich story, beautiful art, and be able to inspire the player. It's the dream!”


What have been your main tasks at Klang?

“Well, I've been working on the 'grow zone', which is the biggest feature I've worked on, as well as a bunch of random bugs. I've been able to dip into the ins and outs of various backend systems, which has been a true learning experience.”

So, a little bit about Seed...what was favourite part working on the project?

“It was really valuable seeing how production works, and delving into the planning phases and organisation. So many meetings, so many planning sessions. That's the greatest takeaway.”

If you could sum up your experience with Klang in two words, what would they be?


What are your favourite games ever?

“The Fallout series, Minecraft, League of Legends, and the Civilization games. They're my top four.”


Now, down to the real question. What's it like having Mundi as an older brother?

“It's hard! Haha. He's the best way to get into any field as he always knows someone. I can't complain!”

Thanks, Eiríkur! It's been a pleasure to have you on the team and we're sad to see you go. You'll always be a part of the Klang fam!

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