Who's this Klanger? An interview with David Magnússon

April 02, 2016

For the fifth instalment of our Who's this Klanger? Series, I sat down with Klang's Sonic Supervisor/Audio Admin/Sound Specialist, David, to discuss his favourite music in ReRunners, as well as his previous audio work. He also is a huge Oasis fan, but for your sake, we didn't go into that...

So, David, tell the readers about your audio background.

“I have been into music and involved in audio work since an early age; my father is a musician, so I was raised in the studio. I've also played in a few bands back in the early nineties and released two albums. In 1997, I completed my degree in Audio Engineering at SAE, the School of Audio Engineering in Glasgow, Scotland. I have been working in post-production for TV, Film, and Radio since then, up until in started working with the Klang Gang.”

What made you want to work with Klang?

“After 16 years doing Sound Design and Audio Post-Production in the broadcast medium, I wanted to try something new. I have always been very interested in Sound Design for Video Games, and the opportunity came when Klang contacted me, asking me to come to Berlin - I was living in Toronto, Canada, at the time – and create the audio and SFX for ReRunners, in collaboration with Gunni Tynes from Múm.

How does creating audio for mobile games differ from your previous work?

“It offers you more freedom to create. You're not tied up to restrictions; you can create something more surreal and let your imagination run wild! There are no rules. After having worked in realism for a very long time, it's nice for me to create something more abstract.”

What's your favourite piece of music or SFX in ReRunners?

“I'm really happy with the audio I created for the Skill Tree, as it has so much depth to it. But regarding the music, my favourite piece came from Kolli Kvlt, who had created some audio before I joined the team. It's the music in Nubee Temple, which comes directly after completing the Trials. Also, I must mention how great the ReRunners theme tune is; that was done by Gunni.”

Moving out of gaming territory. What's your favourite band or musician ever?

“Because now I'm living in Berlin, I'd have to say David Bowie.”

Stay tuned, readers, for the next part of Who's this Klanger?

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