Who's this Klanger? An Interview with Elven Fu

December 18, 2019

Elven Fu, Art Producer and arguably eternal champion of “coolest name” at Klang, would only migrate to a new planet if it were guaranteed to contain Asian supermarkets. Originally from Anhui, China, family man Fu brings a sensibility to Klang, keeping the art rascals in check!

How did you end up working for Klang?

Mundi kidnapped me by showing me Eran's work. The rest is history! PS. SEND HELP.
Tell me a bit about your role and responsibilities at Klang now. 

I'm the Art Producer, so my job is to build the art team, then set them on fire. 
What excites you most about SEED? 

The freedom it gives its players. I’m really excited to see what players would do in-game, what kind of world they gonna build there. 
Are you into gaming?

Natürlich! The first game I played was a barrage game, which ended up game over within two minutes ...
Last year, I spent a lot of time on Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Monster Hunter World.  
If the world were to end, would you want to migrate to a new planet? 

I'd like to know if they have Asian supermarkets on that planet.
What’s your favorite place in Berlin? 

Wherever my family is!

Which book are you reading at the moment? 

It’s titled《显微镜下的大明》. Unfortunately, it's only available in Chinese. It's about how common people living during the Ming dynasty, about 400 years ago. Very interesting.

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