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Who's this Klanger? An interview with Mundi Vondi

January 30, 2016

Welcome to a brand spanking new series where I interview a member of the Klang Gang in Who's this Klanger? The lucky one opening this series is Mundi Vondi, Klang's visual captain and Co-Founder, the guy behind the wacky world of ReRunners and the one responsible for everything arty. In his words, “I try to dip my fingers in everything apart from the programming stuff, that would be a bad idea.”

So, Mundi, tell the readers about your background in art and fashion.

“Well, as a kid I was always drawing. My mother was always encouraging me to draw as a way for me to calm my crazy-ass down. And once I started getting more serious about art as a kid, my Grandfather would take me to shows as most of his friends were artists, so I grew up around the art scene in Reykjavík.

During an internship at the Reykjavík-based gallery, Kling & Bang, I started working with the Austrian mega freak art collective Gelitin and from there I started receiving invites to participate in art shows internationally.

Before the whole Klang train started, I had just released my 14th fashion collection SnowBlind at Harpa, Iceland's famous opera house, as part of a collaboration with the outerwear brand 66° North. That was an ambitious show, which also included a 12-minute film. After that, I moved to Berlin...”


Who has been the biggest inspiration for your art?

"I'd say, my Grandfather! He has been a huge part of my life, interest in art, and Klang. He has always been obsessed with art and exposed me to a lot of it from an early age; it's certainly thanks to him for me growing up with these crazy ideas and being able to unleash them on canvas and now in ReRunners. For pushing me in the right direction. None of this would have happened without him! He's like Klang's angel, haha!"

Why make the move to creating mobile games?

"It has always been a lifelong dream of mine to make a computer game, but it was never a plan for it to manifest into what it has become. But, I wouldn't change any of it! I love making this game, and I love working with this team!"

What's your favourite game ever and why?

"I have a bunch of favourites, especially Final Fantasy VII and the first Deus Ex game, which was so open ended and groundbreaking for the time.

Command and Conquer Generals is also a game that I have spent way too much time playing, as I love strategy games. But, I'm still searching to find the ultimate strategy game, something so deep that you get lost in and never return.

Of course, I love Nintendo games, from the Zelda titles to Super Smash Bros. I'd have to say that Super Mario 3D World is in my top 10 list for both its gameplay and its visuals."

Stay tuned, readers, for the next instalment of Who's this Klanger?

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