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Why We Love Klang's Office!

July 19th, 2022

Most of the time when you think of an office, images of cubicles and water coolers flood your mind, right? And while we have water coolers and you could probably get a cubicle (if you really wanted one), we agree that historically offices haven’t been the most stimulating or fun places to spend time in, but not at Klang! We aim to create a space where our employees don’t just have to come into work, they want to.

Klang’s office is a welcoming and comfortable place where our employees can stay connected, socialize with each other, and work of course! We also pride ourselves on the quirkiness of our office space. For example, in most of the rooms, but especially in our meeting rooms you will find a collection of Lego sets, all built by our staff, which were gifted to us by Lego Ventures (one of our investors). This is because being a game studio, we are fully aware of the importance of fun! This week we spoke with Jag, former Office Manager (and current Executive Assistant), about the perks of the office and what makes it so special.

What makes Klang’s office special (how is it different)?

First off, people are quite laid back and very accommodating. It doesn’t feel like a corporate office where everyone has their fixed role, which dictates what they do and who they talk to. Instead you will see people from all departments connecting and talking. Klang has the kind of office culture where people genuinely want to know how you are doing. There is not a traditional hierarchy. For example, you can talk to someone in the office with a higher rank and they are still approachable. We all hang out, chat, and make jokes. Nobody takes themselves too seriously. Besides interpersonal dynamics, the office has a lot of other nice perks. For example, we are dog friendly, so you will always see a few furry friends roaming around. We also make sure that our kitchen is stocked with healthy snacks and drinks for everyone to enjoy.

Why dog friendly?

We recognize the positive impact that allowing staff to bring their dogs to work has on them and the office as a whole. As a dog owner myself, having my dog (Iwa) around is a huge benefit. She calms me down. For example, if I have a nervous or tense moment she helps me feel better. And I see this same impact on other employees who don’t have their own dogs. Just having dogs around creates an atmosphere of joy in the office. Plus, it makes coming to the office easier for people who have dogs that need to be watched during the day.

How does working at Klang’s office compare to other offices that you’ve previously worked in?

There is a huge difference. Most of the other offices that I’ve worked at were much bigger with larger numbers of employees, so it felt a lot less personal. At Klang we are a pretty small team and it feels like we are all a part of a family. This family vibe is something that I was missing from the other offices I have spent time at. That being said, I think that even when we increase our numbers here, this closeness between employees won’t go away. Plus the way that the workspaces are organized is very unique. The office is very spacious and is made up of rooms filled with height adjustable desks, which employees can book ahead of time (we don’t have assigned seats). We like to allow people the flexibility to move their workspaces around, depending on their needs and the needs of their teams. Additionally, we have smaller offices and call booths for when people need a quiet space to concentrate. Contrary to the normal narrative, our office isn’t all about work, which is why we also have hang-out rooms and places where people can gather and be creative together.

What are some features of the office that you like most?

For starters, Klang’s standard of equipment is amazing. This includes everything, starting with  the furniture all the way to the technical equipment. We make sure that our employees have everything they need, and if they don’t, then we have a really streamlined system for requesting equipment. We try our hardest to accommodate people’s requests, and usually can. Staff can even request drinks or snacks that they want to see in the office, and if there is a common interest then we make sure it happens. We also have a large event space on the bottom floor, complete with a bar, large tv, and couches (it used to be an Italian restaurant!). We host parties, after-work activities, and happy hour every Friday in this space. It’s a really nice way for people to socialize and kick back after a long day or week. It’s the little things like this that create a comfortable and fun work environment, which inspires people to come into the office, even though technically they don’t have to (due to our remote work options). I believe that it is the combination of these perks and the culture at Klang that keeps our employees coming back to the office week after week!

If working in a flexible and fun environment like ours sounds like something you’re interested in, check out our many open positions and apply today!

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