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“You're Once, Twice, Six Times a Buyer”

February 20, 2016

According to an article recently published by VentureBeat, mobile gamers that make one in-app purchase are six times more likely to purchase again.

*Here's a fancy diagram showing this, courtesy of Soomla

The article states that if a player pays in one game, the likelihood they pay in a second game increases by up to 40 percent. Furthermore, those who make a purchase in the first 24 hours after a game is installed, are nine times more likely to pay in another game.

Interestingly, the majority of all in-game purchases are for single use items, like extra gems, coins, XP, ammo. Where as the majority of all in-game purchase revenue comes from lifetime purchases, such as DLCs and ad removal.

At weekends, daily active users can increase by up to 33 percent, with gaming sessions on tablets have the longest duration. VentureBeat notes that usage patterns differ across game genres, with strategy games boasting the highest average session duration of 11 minutes, or 2.6 times more than other genres.

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