Bring out the Droid!

After months of ReRunners being an iOS-only Beta, we're super excited to announce that it's now running on Android under a closed Beta.

It's been amazing to see the amount of Android users who have been asking us about the Beta for the 'Droid during the iOS release. So, it's a pleasure to finally update those who have been requesting an Android build with the good news!

A huge thanks goes out to Rainer, who's been locked away working intensively on the Android build; living off only frozen pizzas and coffee. That's his choice, though, not ours.

You can sign up here to start ReRunning on Android!

Sorry for the wait: the latest ReRunners Beta is out


Dang, it’s taken us a while, but the latest ReRunners Beta is out! It’s not that we didn’t want to share this wonderful game we’re creating with you, we just wanted to include more! This, of course, takes a little bit of time. We hope you’re not mad.

Those of you who have already signed up to the Beta will have received our newsletter, which lists some of the fancy additions to the game. But, if you’re not a Beta Tester (you can sign up here), then here’s the list for your eyes too:

  • New Item Animations and Skins!

  • Improvements to performance, meaning that your Runner moves smoother, less lag!

  • New in-game text, including new monologues from Death!

  • Improvements to the daily rewards!

  • New teleportation effects!

  •  Various UI polishing and bug fixing!

  • And a whole lot more...!

We hope you have a great time playing! If you notice anything strange, or have any thoughts regarding improvements, then let us know.