Klang at PC Connects London '19: Next Generation of Multiplayer Games


Klang bossman and bowling champion – his words not ours – will be talking about the Next Generation of Multiplayer Games at PC Connects London this coming Monday. We've already had a preview of the talk in the studio and it's pretty darn amazing.

As part of the talk, Mundi will be exploring the history of multiplayer games; how they began and where they're going. The session will also feature some info on Seed and how the game will be able to host hundreds of players at any given time.

The session, titled Next Generation of Multiplayer Games, will be taking place on Monday 21st January at 3:20pm (GMT) at PC Connects London, a part of PocketGamer Connects London. Find out more about the conference here: https://www.pgconnects.com/london/pc-connects/

Rezzed 2018: Discussing Real-World Politics in Seed


This Saturday, Klang will be at Rezzed 2018 over in London discussing how real-world politics are being implemented in Seed as part of the event's Rezzed Sessions. And, we'd love to see you there!

Klang's CEO and overlord, Mundi, will be introducing Seed and we're allowing players to build political structures based on real-world politics, as well as being able to customise your own system...and revolt against them.

The session, titled Implementing real-world politics in an MMO: Allowing for a ballot and a boycott in Seed, will be taking place on Saturday 14th April at 12:30pm (BST), and you can read more about this session (and all the other awesome sessions) right here: https://www.egx.net/rezzed/2018/rezzed-sessions-2018

Be sure to check out the session, give Mundi a hug, and say hi (if you're there)!

Talking the S-Word at PC Gamer Weekender


Seed!!! Mundi - the big cheese, the overlord, the governor - will be discussing Seed, virtual worlds, and all things SpatialOS at next week's PC Gamer Weekender in LDN. And when I say talking, I don't mean to himself, but as part of the event's Developer Stage programme!

To quote the event's namesake, PC Gamer, our session will in the form a live Q&A, with discussion topics being the inspirations behind Seed, the design of the project, and SpatialOS' mighty tech. Read the PC Gamer article here: https://www.pcgamer.com/seed-klangs-hugely-ambitious-eve-like-mmo-will-be-on-stage-at-the-pc-gamer-weekender/

The session, titled 'Seed—Build Your Own Utopia', will be taking place on the Sunday (18th February) at noon. If you're attending the weekend, be sure to also check out Automaton Games' session on the Saturday! That's set to be a good 'un!

For Press: If you're down to meet up with us during the weekend, email me at jonathan@klang-games.com to sort something out.

See you there!

Time to Get Slushed with Klang

Klang sauna.jpg

Once again, it's that special annual occasion where Helsinki pauses from being the sauna capital of the world to become the global hub of entrepreneurship, as it's Slush time again! And of course, Klang will be bringing the heat to Slush.

Just in case you've been living under a rock, Slush is the place to be if you're a techie, business-person, nerd, and really into Start-Up stuff. Seeing as we're all of the aforementioned, we'll be there again.

But, what for? Well, Oddur and Mundi will be at this year's event - between 29th Nov and 2nd Dec - to show off Seed, hang out with friends, meet with journalists, and experience local Finnish culture, i.e. lots and lots of drinking.

Will you be there? We're offering an exclusive, press-only look at how the game is shaping up. If you're interested, be sure to reach out to me, jonathan@klang-games.com, to arrange meeting times.

Watch: An insight into Seed and SpatialOS

Seed Improbable Video.jpg

As we've previously mentioned (here and here), we premiered our latest project, Seed, to the world during GDC '17 in March. But for those of you who couldn't attend, you can watch Mundi's talk in full, courtesy of Improbable's YouTube channel.

The session, Building Worlds with SpatialOS: Developers Discuss Next-Generation Online Gaming, delves into the latest projects from Bossa Studios, NINPO, Spilt Milk Studios, Soulbound Studios, and of course, Klang.

Each studio is doing amazing things with SpatialOS, so it's certainly a worthwhile watch. Seed begins at 20:15:

You can also watch an edited version focusing specifically on Seed via our Facebook page.

It's Official! We've Joined Improbable's SpatialOS Games Innovation Program

Improbable has recently announced the first round of partners for its SpatialOS Games Innovation Program...and, we're one of them! Oh, this is probably a good point to introduce you to our next project, Seed.

The news was officially announced a few days ago at GDC, but, seeing as Mundi has just finished up discussing SpatialOS as part of the session, Building Worlds with SpatialOS, this would be a great time to let ya'll know here, too.

What is SpatialOS?

SpatialOS is a platform that allows Devs to create seamless-yet-vast simulated worlds that are able to host thousands of users at the same time, without compromising performance. This allows studios to build worlds with permanent consequences for the player, and allows for interaction with AI entities even when the player is offline.

What is the Games Innovation Program?

The program will allow us to use SpatialOS to create and test Seed up until launch, with reduced cloud computing costs. Or as we call it, “mates' rates”.

Furthermore, we'll be joining the roster with a bunch of other awesome projects, including Lazarus by Spilt Milk Studios, Chronicles of Elyria by Soulbound Studios, and Vanishing Stars: Colony Wars by Ninpo Game Studio.

What is Seed?

In a nutshell: Seed is a continuous persistent simulation where the player's goal is to take over a vast planet to ensure the survival of humanity. Using unique gameplay based on managing multiple characters, players collaborate to create a world driven by real emotion and ambition.

Watch this space!

Who's this Klanger? An interview with David Magnússon

For the fifth instalment of our Who's this Klanger? Series, I sat down with Klang's Sonic Supervisor/Audio Admin/Sound Specialist, David, to discuss his favourite music in ReRunners, as well as his previous audio work. He also is a huge Oasis fan, but for your sake, we didn't go into that...

So, David, tell the readers about your audio background.

“I have been into music and involved in audio work since an early age; my father is a musician, so I was raised in the studio. I've also played in a few bands back in the early nineties and released two albums. In 1997, I completed my degree in Audio Engineering at SAE, the School of Audio Engineering in Glasgow, Scotland. I have been working in post-production for TV, Film, and Radio since then, up until in started working with the Klang Gang.”

What made you want to work with Klang?

“After 16 years doing Sound Design and Audio Post-Production in the broadcast medium, I wanted to try something new. I have always been very interested in Sound Design for Video Games, and the opportunity came when Klang contacted me, asking me to come to Berlin - I was living in Toronto, Canada, at the time – and create the audio and SFX for ReRunners, in collaboration with Gunni Tynes from Múm.

How does creating audio for mobile games differ from your previous work?

“It offers you more freedom to create. You're not tied up to restrictions; you can create something more surreal and let your imagination run wild! There are no rules. After having worked in realism for a very long time, it's nice for me to create something more abstract.”

What's your favourite piece of music or SFX in ReRunners?

“I'm really happy with the audio I created for the Skill Tree, as it has so much depth to it. But regarding the music, my favourite piece came from Kolli Kvlt, who had created some audio before I joined the team. It's the music in Nubee Temple, which comes directly after completing the Trials. Also, I must mention how great the ReRunners theme tune is; that was done by Gunni.”

Moving out of gaming territory. What's your favourite band or musician ever?

“Because now I'm living in Berlin, I'd have to say David Bowie.”

Stay tuned, readers, for the next part of Who's this Klanger?


Post-Launch Prospects: Learning from Firewatch

Software company and publisher Panic has recently posted an insightful retrospective via its blog regarding the post-launch of its first-person adventure video game Firewatch, co-published and developed by Campo Santo. These insights are extremely valuable for a Dev team like us; what we could expect and possible post-launch scenarios.


There's no getting away from the fact that your stomach will be in a wreck on launch day. ReRunners is already gaining lots of nice, positive reviews during its Soft Launch, but it's still nerve-racking logging in to check new reviews. Firewatch has also had a lot of high-profile influencers stream the game, but it's still unclear whether they were paid for or were organic streams.


Recouping investment is also a talking point, with Firewatch making its investment back in roughly 24 hours. 500,000 copies sold in one month is incredible for an indie game.


Here at Klang, we're in a similar position as Campo Santo although we're still in Soft Launch. We read Tweets, communicate on our Forum, reach out to our audience, and work 24/7 to find bugs and other points of frustration for our players. This will never stop. But, constant improvement is necessary to make a quality product.

When a game meets real life

At one point during Firewatch, you'll find a disposable camera, and at the end of the game, you can choose to upload the photos you took to Panic's server. Then, you can order physical copies of these images. This, alongside encouraging fan art, are both really cool ways to bring the game and brand into real life, rather than only through a monitor or mobile/tablet. We have a lot of crazy ideas for merging ReRunners with real life and other forms of multimedia, but we'll see what happens with them.

One final interesting point was that a lot of Panic's marketing budget went into last year's GDC Firewatch preview centre experience.

For us, reading about the success and post-launch insights of a booming indie game is very inspiring! Here's to the future!

Image: nasa.gov