Klang at Gamescom 2018

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Gamescom is taking place next week, which means we're looking forward to playing Switch for the whole duration of our four-hour train journey to Cologne. And secondly, we're excited to be meeting a bunch of great people and talking more about Seed, of course!

Unfortunately, we won't be talking or showing anything publicly about Seed this year. Instead, we're being low-key and have a schedule jam-packed with press, business-related ventures and doing our best to prevent hangovers. BUT, if you see us walking around, please say hi! We might even have some Seed merch for you...

Let's go, Gamescom!

The Comedy of Klangers – A Gamescom 2017 Monologue

Cosplay and Pork Knuckles.

Cosplay and Pork Knuckles.

In usual Klang tradition, we will now give you a small account of a recent Klang adventure. Last time was in LA at E3, this time in our home country, Germany, for Gamescom. Albeit, Cologne does feel like a different country. This time around, the lone warrior, Mundi, was joined by comrade Ívar, to accompany him on this Rhineland journey.  

Take it away, Mundi!

“It really doesn't feel like too long ago that I was at a large gaming event. Probably because it wasn't too long ago! 

Gamescom is very similar to E3; it's unbelievably big, with lots of cool games, weird and wonderful cosplay, and hundreds of thousands of eager attendees. In fact, I heard that this year's Gamescom was the biggest, with over 350,000 visitors. I really couldn't imagine even seeing half of the stuff there, but I did notice that there were way more indie titles at Gamescom, though. That was nice.


But, as per usual, a lot of our time was spent running from meeting to meeting, with a few interviews thrown in for good measure.

The majority of our trip was spent at the Marriott Hotel, where we were staying (ballin'), or at the Dorint Hotel, where a bunch of our meetings were being held. Having said that, we saw some really amazing stuff during the moments we had time to go inside the venue.

From what I did manage to catch, my honorable mentions go to Cuphead, Swords of Ditto, Anno 1800, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, and Star Citizen!

Any respectable gaming event wouldn't be without ridiculous Cosplay. And, of course, Gamescom lived up to the hype. Admittedly, I didn't have enough time to go Cosplay hunting. However, I did see someone in a full Titanfall Pilot outfit, which was incredible, as well a guy intensively playing some game, haphazardly dressed up as Heath Ledger's Joker. That was pretty comical!


As per all Klang adventures, food and drink are always big, big deals. I was able to try the famous German delicacy, Schweinshaxe, or “pork knuckle” if your German isn't up to speed. Oh, and lots and lots of goulash. Haha! Also, those Colognians love to serve beer in tiny glasses, but also love to keep refilling them. There were multiple points during this trip where we forgot how many beers we had during an evening. Hello, hangover.

It was really nice to have Ívar to join me, especially for the parties! But, funny story. He was waaaayy too hungover to catch his return flight, so the poor boy got a later train back to Berlin.

I'd love to give big thanks to the following people: David Helgason for hooking up those Unity party tickets, Matt, Robin, Ryan, Jeff, David from Improbable, and all the awesome people we met during the event!"

Shhhh....Ívar doesn't know this was taken...

Shhhh....Ívar doesn't know this was taken...

Gamescom 2017: The Return of the Klangers


Tomorrow sees the beginning of Gamescom 2017, which means it's Klang on Tour time again! We've been to Gamescom before - back in 2015 – but this time, we're heading over to Cologne to flaunt the progression of Seed and meet a bunch of ace people.

If you're not in the know, Gamescom, otherwise known as the “The Heart of Gaming”, is the leading professional game industry event in Europe, which stands for "innovation, enthusiasm, and playing fun". Pretty much everything Klang stands for, minus a few cold beers.

Two-thirds of Klang's head honchos, Mundi and Ívar, will be at Gamescom this year to meet up with a bunch of business peeps, friends, and journalists, showing off the latest version of Seed.

And, with that in mind, we're offering an exclusive, press-only look at how the game is shaping up. If you're interested, be sure to reach out to me, jonathan@klang-games.com, to arrange meeting times.

For a refresher, here's Mundi discussing Seed at GDC '17 (starts at 20:15):

See you in Cologne!


VR and Loathing in Las Cologne: Klang goes to Gamescom 2015

“We were somewhere around the Just Dance 2016 stand when the coffee began to take hold.”

Mixing business with pleasure can be dangerous, well at least that’s what they say. But, like any PRO-GAMING STUDIO, we went to Gamescom and did exactly that. Admittedly, we weren’t there to exhibit officially; our operation was a bit more guerilla.

Devices in hand, we took to the halls to spread the good word of ReRunners in order to show these Europeans this wonderful world we have created. Along the way we met some great people - old friends, new friends, business friends, and lots of gaming fiends.

One of these (you can guess which category they fall into) included Klonk Games from Munich, who was showcasing their incredible mobile game Shift Happens. Unfortunately, we only managed to talk to them for about five minutes as they were in the process of closing their booth, but at least we managed to get a few stickers to represent! Go check out Shift Happens, though.

Next up we checked out our old friends and ex-colleagues at CCP, who were demoing their upcoming Samsung Gear VR arcade shooter, Gunjack.

Both Ívar and I worked on EVE for seven years and thought we had seen everything that the EVE Universe had to offer, but boy were we wrong! Gunjack gives you the opportunity of becoming a turret operator where you have to gun down pirates and other various ‘bad dudes’ to keep from messing with your stuff. While the concept may not be too original, its fully immersive gameplay is stunning and hella fun to play! 

The strangest thing we saw the whole weekend was the Cosplay Village, and we mean that in the nicest possible way. It’s a beautiful thing seeing people express themselves by creating these crazy and elaborate costumes, wondering what drugs they have been taking. Maybe it’s just pure cosplay passion?

All in all, Gamescom was great fun. We could go on and on about all the awesome things we saw, the amount of exclusive parties we didn’t attend, and the early access Fallout 4 footage we drooled over, but you might as well watch IGN’s video coverage instead.

See you next year, Gamescom!