Time to Get Slushed with Klang

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Once again, it's that special annual occasion where Helsinki pauses from being the sauna capital of the world to become the global hub of entrepreneurship, as it's Slush time again! And of course, Klang will be bringing the heat to Slush.

Just in case you've been living under a rock, Slush is the place to be if you're a techie, business-person, nerd, and really into Start-Up stuff. Seeing as we're all of the aforementioned, we'll be there again.

But, what for? Well, Oddur and Mundi will be at this year's event - between 29th Nov and 2nd Dec - to show off Seed, hang out with friends, meet with journalists, and experience local Finnish culture, i.e. lots and lots of drinking.

Will you be there? We're offering an exclusive, press-only look at how the game is shaping up. If you're interested, be sure to reach out to me, jonathan@klang-games.com, to arrange meeting times.

A Mundi Memoir: Klang goes to Slush


A few weeks back, I went on a mission to Slush, the illustrious start-up event in Helsinki, Finland. With my iPad and iPhone in tow*, I strutted up and down the hallways of the Exhibition Center like a pixel-preacher, spreading the good word of Klang!

This was the first time that Klang had attended Slush (apart from Slush Play in the motherland, Iceland). There was a definite smell of excitement in the air - excitement that could be described as a mixture of the greatest minds in entrepreneurship consolidating together and questionable body odor.        

Slush has become one of the most prolific events of its kind, and you can understand why; there’s so much to see, learn from, and experience. I was ecstatic to try out Sólfar’s much talked about Mt Everest VR, which can be only be explained as the most intense thing you can undergo while sitting in your living room in your underwear. Trust me, I’d know.

You really get thrown into the frostbitten Tibetan/Nepalese mountain range, climbing to dizzy heights and crapping yourself as you precariously use ladders as walkways. It sure does feel like you’re there, or at least that was how I imagined it to be.

Among the interesting and varied presentations over the two days, one that grabbed my attention the most was that of OZO, the new Nokia VR camera*. I felt a connection to this product due to its artistic possibilities and the way it can change how people connect with each other. Our main ambition at Klang is to create engaging multiplayer experiences through virtual worlds for people in the real world. This fits very nicely into the mold behind OZO.

No event would be a special one without a closing party. More to the point, no event would be a special one without a Clash of Clans closing party, hosted by Supercell. It’s pretty much as you would expect it to be; DJs, free booze, and barbarians. It doesn’t get any better than that.

I can’t fully disclose the whole extent of why I was there. But, let’s just say that I met some very nice people, with great minds, and a great future potential for our Klanging endeavors. 

Hopefully see you next year, Slush.

(*not a sponsored blog)

Header Photo by: Samuli Pentti for Slush 2015