Wham Bam, join this Berlin VR Game Jam

Attention, Berlin-based VR fans! Long time Klang-affiliate Joe Virskus, and Klanger Rachel Little, are holding this radical VR Game Jam between 11th and 13th August at Colonia Nova in Neukölln. And, we'll be there for sure!

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The main theme of the Game Jam is “Genesis", not the prog-rock band from the eighties, but “creation”. To quote the organisers:

The idea is to explore VR experiences that encapsulate the idea of creation, emergence, birth, and invention. Please feel free to interpret the theme as loosely or as literally as you like! It's meant to be a jumping off point, a little speck of dust to form your mental rain drops around, not a hard constraint.”

Klang team members will be there on Friday and during the weekend, so make sure to say hi!

If you're up for the challenge, join the Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1959326410980229/

And, make sure to sign up here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSePvnXhwi2Pq-i9J6oeynL9tuVQH7AKXz5RS7UHKP5qivy5bQ/viewform

The timetable is as follows...

Thursday 10th August

6 PM: Registration and project brainstorming. This event is optional, but is a great way to hangout and meet fellow VR-loving people!

Friday 11th August

6 PM: The official kick-off!
7 PM – 8 PM: Project pitches!
8 PM and beyond: Join a group and commence jamming!

Sunday 13th August

8 PM – 12 AM: Game Jam showcase and party!

Note that from 11th 6 PM to 13th 8 PM, the event space will be open 24 hours, so there's enough time to complete projects and have a blast!

Hopefully see you there!

Dave Ranyard: Immersive Interaction with AI through Virtual Reality

At this week's Nordic Game Conference in Malmö, Sweden, Virtual Reality Developer and CEO at Dream Reality Interactive, Dave Ranyard spoke on the importance of ensuring that players feel like they have a presence in a VR story. This thought-provoking opinion brings up the topic of immersion and the value it brings to the player's experience.

In an article recently published by gamesindustry.biz, Ranyard stated that he believes both VR and AR are going to be important for interacting with artificial intelligence and immersing the player within the storyline of a game. “Instead of having a cutscene, imagine having a conversation with a character. I think that's where games are going, and that's really fascinating,” comments Ranyard.

Moreover, Ranyard states that persistent worlds will also be vital in expanding how the player immerses themselves in the gaming experience, with non-linear gameplay and player-driven storylines. 

It was really gratifying to see him name-drop our partners in crime, Improbable, citing that SpatialOS is a promising start for this concept...if you've not heard us mention SpatialOS before, where have you been? 

At Klang, we certainly agree that immersive gameplay is important! With our latest project, Seed, we're creating a persistent virtual world, filled with vast, player-created colonies. Our aim is to create an AI world driven completely by the players, resulting in a truly immersive experience.

Image: develop-online.net