ReRunners Gameplay Footage #1 – What we’ve been working on!

Wow, it’s been a while since we posted our first WIP teaser (which you can see here), and things have changed/improved since then.

Sure, you may not notice too much difference, but we do! And, we’re super proud of this game of ours!

We’ll be (trying) to post regular Gameplay Footage on our YouTube channel, so you can see the game in all its running glory, and get an idea of its features.

So, check it out here:

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Whoop! New animations added!

Our Master of Animation, and my very own protégé, Clément, has been creating some amazing animations, which I guess are very subtle in the overall gameplay experience, but at the same time, add so much depth.

We've also updated a bunch of Runner animations that kick in when your character becomes idle:

Got to get trim and get those stretches in!